Yoga Teacher’s Training 300 hours – India, 2015

Yoga Teachers Training 300 - 2015

Yoga Teacher’s Training 300 Hours – India 2015

“The 300-hour course with Prasad Rangnekar went beyond my expectations. The course itself helped me to go deeper in my own emotional and spiritual growth, which was the main reason I decided to participate. The teachings on physiology, exploring gross and subtle energy awareness in asanas, developing a consistent sadhana through the daily practices during the course, understanding how the mind, body, and energy body are intertwined, and deepening my understanding of yoga philosophy continues to guide me on the spiritual path daily.

My work as a yoga teacher has changed as I have gained confidence in what my intent is when I teach, as well as strengthened my knowledge and ability to meet my students where they are at and what they need. My work as a mental health therapist has also grown, as more and more people I work with are interested in learning yoga techniques to manage mood and stress. I have only gained more and more with each class, workshop and training I have had the pleasure of attending with Prasadji. If your intent is to deepen your yoga practice, incorporate it into daily lifestyle, and walk on the spiritual path, I highly recommend this course.”

– Twyla Gingrich (USA)

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