Yoga Teacher’s Training – India, 2015

Yoga Teachers Training India 2015

Yoga Teacher’s Training – Mumbai, India 2015

“Training with Prasad was a truly transformative experience, beyond asana mechanics. Yes, the course definitely gave me the understanding and tools of functional anatomy, kinetics, alignment, guiding principles of safe and effective asana practice – all essentials to evolve into a good yoga teacher. In that respect, Prasad is a fantastic teacher, very knowledgeable, lucid and clear, and targeted in giving us the core knowledge we needed. However, the course is much more than that. Prasad worked with us to explore a deeper experience of yoga – of integrating the mind, breath and body, of aligning inner and outer worlds. He guided us in using our practice to examine, challenge and nurture not only our physical body but also inner selves – the mind, the emotions, our patterns of behaviors. We approached our practise from physical, experiential and intellectual perspectives. The lessons learnt are applicable in life situations for anyone, from yoga teacher to CEOs to homemakers. These learning allow us to work through our roles and demands more effectively, gracefully and with far less stress. As we went through our processes, Prasad was always there, compassionate yet firm, always listening but nudging us to find our own answers – never allowing for any dependence to form.

Going through his program has not only made me a better and more compassionate person, spouse, mother & daughter, but also a much more effective leader and manager, with greater clarity and impact. Prasad is that teacher who gives you the greatest gift of learning to be your own light! And that is the first real step in yoga.”

– Urja Shah (Mumbai, India)

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