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Lithuania 2013:

Yoga Teachers Training 2013
Yoga Teachers Training 2013

Yogaprasad Teachers Training Course in Lithuania 2013 – Testimonials

“This was my first time I have got acquainted with yoga in Yoga Prasad Teachers Training and Self Development Immersion training in Lithuania in 2013. And I must admit the training has changed my life! I have learned to feel and accept my body. I have realized the importance of breathing, connection between emotions and experiences. Now yoga helps me to get out of the daily routine, stop and enjoy the moment, leave the results of my actions for the Universe.

And most of all – I have started to live conscious life! Spiritual path is long journey and I am very happy I have the Teacher now. I am starting to teach yoga classes in October. I feel ready and confident!

Thank You Prasad Rangnekar!

– Evelina Rimkiene (Lithuania)

I met Prasad Rangnekar a little over a year ago and that was my very first encounter with yoga. Immediately I felt that yoga was gonna take me ‘somewhere’. Now I know for sure that step-by-step it is taking me towards my true Self. So this feeling, or rather the calling of my Soul, was so strong that seven months later it brought me to India to do the YTT and Self-Development course. Twenty-one days spent under the guidance and protective care of my Teacher was the time of deep cleansing and inner awakening for me. It was like I was born anew there, which I started realizing only on going back into the ‘real world’.

When I got the chance to take part in the YTT course in my own country I grasped it without hesitation. It is a blessing to study soul wisdom with such a caring, understanding and inspiring Teacher as Prasad.

The YTT Lithuania course was organized in two modules with just enough time in-between for the wisdom to sink in and the deeper knowing and awareness of myself to experience. Our small group was working under the motto “Transform Yourself, Inspire Others”, therefore, besides covering a wide range of topics (in theory and practice) from asana, human anatomy, breath to the workings of the mind, yoga philosophy to meditation, special attention was given to our self-exploration, transformation and growth.

It was an intensive and challenging course; not so much study-wise but self-work-wise. Just as I was certain that I was done with some of my deep issues they resurfaced again with full force. This time I didn’t run away as I had been used to. Instead, with my Teacher’s support I looked honestly into my conditioned mind, my deep-set negative beliefs, listened to my heart as much as I could and came out of it with more self-acceptance.

My journey inwards that has just begun made me experience my body, meet and sit with myself, explore my mind and gradually accept myself as well as start loving myself.
As I look back I am stunned by my self-imposed limitations. Whose life was I living for so long? Did I ever live? Freely? I was completely controlled by my deeper negative mind not even realizing that. My whole life was about my looks and my body and other peoples’ opinions. I was feeling miserable, worthless, not deserving and blaming it all on my appearance. Now I am looking inside more and, thanks to Prasad’s teachings I no longer confuse how I look or what I seem to be with who I truly am. I know the Truth and the difference between Truth and reality. I am Love Freedom and Bliss just like each of us and I am on my way to realize this ultimate Truth.

I am working on my deep-rooted negative beliefs, trying to transform them and set myself free. Whenever I fall, which I do, I keep reminding myself that I am a beautiful, loving and free being. I try hard to no longer identify myself with my body, face or my mind as I know that I am so much more. My body and my mind are just the tools to experience my being and realize my true potential. And as such I have to take good care of them. Throughout the course I noticed that I am accepting and respecting my body more and feeling very good inside it (with the face it’s a bit more problematic, though…). Now I walk tall and proud and look people in the eye, which was unimaginable a year ago. I am slowly falling in love with myself and starting to live my heart’s dream.

After the ground-shaking lecture on the law of karma, I no longer question why did it happen to me? or blame life events or the other. I am unburdening little by little, accepting all of my past experiences, letting them go and feeling grateful for them. I think I would be a completely different person had I not lived through them. All of my life events and non-events have taken me on the spiritual path and I look at them as a blessing now. Nothing is accidental and everything that comes my way is for my own learning and growth.

All of that has made my life so much simpler. There is more ease and peace and harmony in my life, more openness and awareness. I am more conscious of myself, my thoughts, self-talk, words, choices, actions, self-responsibility and the world. I am more in the here and now, allowing experiences to come and go as they do. There is so much joy in living in the present moment as there is nothing to worry about or be afraid of in the present.

I am also a certified yoga teacher now. And though I was not planning to start teaching immediately life obviously has its own ways… It just happened that I started giving classes to a small group. And it feels so right for me to introduce my girls to yoga, to share the knowledge that I have, to give them support and love.

This whole journey has been so liberating and empowering. There are no words to express my gratitude to Prasad for showing me the Path and for shining his Light on it and for continuously and tirelessly guiding me closer to the Love Freedom and Bliss that I am. At the moment I am where I am on the Path and I am determined to walk it with dedication, patience and trust until one day I feel totally satisfied in the Self by the Self. This journey is everything.
I would strongly recommend this course for anyone willing to undergo self-transformation with Prasad’s help, love and compassion all the way through, wishing to rediscover harmony and peace within, find their own freedom and spread their Love and Light around.

– Algida Mon (Lithuania)


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