YTT India 2014

Yoga Teacher’s Training & Self Development Immersion
Mumbai, India, 2014

Yoga Teachers Training India 2014

Yoga Teacher’s Training & Self Development Immersion in India 2014 – Testimonial

“I came across Prasad in a chance meeting and decided to take a leap of faith by signing up to his Yoga Teacher Training program in Mumbai. I have no doubt that it was one of the best decisions I have ever made and ever will make.

I took the course more out of a desire to build my own personal practice and to understand yoga and the asanas better. To my surprise, having completed the course, I not only enjoy a fulfilling self practice at home but I also feel confident and equipped to teach others. That is entirely thanks to Prasad and his own clarity when he teaches.

Prasad has the unique ability to explain complex ideas and yoga philosophies in a clear and meaningful way, so that you are able to apply and use them in your daily life. He challenges you constantly but within a very loving and supportive framework. He guided me lovingly and expertly through some of my own fears and difficulties on the journey of self-transformation and continues to do so. He is a true guru.

Prasad is an extraordinary human being. His sincerity and dedication to Hatha Yoga shine like a beacon, illuminating all those around him lucky enough to learn from him. His teachings, his words, his kindness, his calm – all have had an eternal impact on my life and I will be forever grateful to Prasad.

I wholeheartedly encourage anybody who has the opportunity to learn from this sincere and inspiring teacher to do so. Your life will be transformed for good.”

– Caron Williamson

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