YTT Hong Kong 2013

Yoga Teachers Training


This year in January we launched for the first time in Hong Kong a Yoga teachers training course with dual country study modules, to study in Hong Kong and carry on your deeper study in India.

The special feature of this course was that the participants got to study yoga at their own pace in Hong Kong in a dedicated studio set up and also peak their study with a weeklong India tour where they  studied Yoga Philosophy and certain more deeper aspects of Yoga on the banks of Ganga at the foot hills of Himalayas. A brilliant opportunity to be and study Yoga where it has been taught and practiced for last more than 4000 years. It was indeed a special experience.

Special features:

  • Dedicated, experienced and passionate Yoga teachers.
  • India tour and yoga philosophy study in six day all inclusive India Tour.
  • Loving and reliable back end support to help your transformation.
  • Dedicated yoga studio space for study, lectures, practice and meetings.
  • Access to Yoga library.
  • Part time, module based study system to allow the wisdom and experience to become a part of you.

Yoga Teachers Training 2013

Yogaprasad Teachers Training Course Hong Kong January to April 2013 – Testimonials

“If someone had told this unfit, sedentary, 67-year-old granny a year ago that she’d be ecstatic about yoga, she’d have told them they were delusional. Now, here I am, halfway through the eight-month Yogaprasad Yoga Teacher Training and Self-development Immersion program in Hong Kong, and realising that taking this giant leap of faith was one of the best decisions I ever made.

Yogaprasad YTT reaches far deeper than simple asana training. It is a mind-expanding, heart-opening, soul-awakening path to one’s true self. You can learn asanas from a book or even a YouTube video. It’s a very rare soul who can share the ancient wisdom of true yoga, in all its aspects, with unconditional love, compassion and deep understanding.

Prasad is down-to-earth, gentle, extremely knowledgeable and shares his wisdom in a way that informs, supports and nurtures his students’ learning and development in body, mind and spirit. Our class group of 16 is a family who encourage and deeply care about each other. We also have loads of fun! If you are lucky enough to have the opportunity to study with Prasad, count your blessings and jump into the deep ocean of wisdom he will so willingly share with you. He will change your life; he has certainly changed mine in so many beautiful ways.

Thank you, Prasad, with deep love and gratitude.”

– Kate O’Hara (Hong Kong)

Ten years ago, I never thought of yoga was for me, because yoga was equal to asana in my perception. My body was very stiff, so my first experience in a yoga class was frustration. All the asana that the teacher taught was so difficult for me, and you found that others could do it so well. I have joined a few class and quitted afterwards, with the impression that yoga was only for those flexible body.

As a physiotherapist, many of my fellow workers always had an impression that yoga was not suitable for everybody and it’s quite easy to make people hurt. Many of us have treated clients that got hurt while doing yoga. Besides, if you search through internet and reading those asana books, you always find those yogis doing an advanced pose that seems impossible for normal human beings.

However, life will always take you where you have to go and break your own limiting belief and perception. In 2006, because of depression and unsatisfaction in life, I started doing meditation in a yoga centre in Hong Kong. I tried some yoga class with little commitment. And I met Prasad and joined his workshop on that year. Starting from 2006, I joined his workshop every year. Although I didn’t feel connected to yoga, I came back again and again to his workshop. And I also started my spiritual search in different area.

After severe sciatica incident on 2010, I started reflecting my life deeply and began to connect back with my body. Starting from improvisation dancing in 2011, I slowly came back to yoga and joined yoga course in a large yoga centre in 2012. Although all the asana were still challenging for me, my condition improved day by day and I was more willing to stay on the mat. While doing yoga in a large commercial yoga centre, it’s easy for you to forget what yoga really is, and you start pursuing asana after asana. The physical achievement seems to be utmost important, and everyone forget what the true essence of yoga is.

While I started joining the Yoga Teachers Training and Self Development Immersion with Prasad, I found a new meaning and understanding of yoga. Yoga is not only asana and pranayama, the whole background, philosophy and the true essence of yoga I could learn it here. Yoga is not just an exercise that can make you physically fit and strong. But it is also a spiritual practice that can help you to reach the truth. Too much emphasis on physical yoga makes people forget the most valuable part of yoga, and this is also the reason why people is easy to get hurt in yoga class. Without self-awareness and acceptance of own limitations, people became too aggressive in the yoga practice and forced their body to do something hard.

Modern life is stressful and fast pace, our body is already under great pressure. But yoga needs patience and time to develop our own self, both physically or spiritually. Let us start our journey from self love and self-understanding through yoga. Yoga is not another type of gymnastics that you have to do put your foot on the head. Yoga is a way of self understanding and self development, for which you finally know the truth or God.

Don’t limit your perception of yoga.
Don’t limit yourself in yoga practice. Asana is not all in yoga.
Go deeper, dig deeper.
You deserve better than you think.
Don’t compromise yourself on the superficial things.
Let go deep in yoga, let go deep in your life…
By joining this YTT course, you are on the way…

– Helen Ho (Physiotherapist) (Hong Kong)


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