YTT Canada 2014

Yoga Teacher’s Training & Self Development Immersion
Canada, 2014

Yoga Teachers Training Canada 2014



When the opportunity to take the 200hr YTT with Prasad arose, I did not hesitate. I have always had deep questions about the world and my place within it and as I slowly began to practice Yoga, I craved a deeper understanding of it’s importance. Something deep within knew that this was my chance and I am beyond grateful for all that has followed. This course is truly the best thing I could imagine a person doing for themselves, whatever self doubt they may be experiencing. I was nervous and unsure leading up to it, however upon meeting Prasad and my amazing new Yoga family, everything started to click. With Prasad’s incredible source of knowledge and support, we were guided through the traditional practices and beliefs of Hatha Yoga. Such knowledge is truly a sacred gift that worked to uncover long held beliefs that had been holding me back on my journey and slowly worked to release them as I began to see and feel my true potential. Prasad blessed me with the tools and techniques needed to get out of my own way to became all I am meant to be. Becoming a Yoga teacher is about working to uncover this truth within yourself so that you may inspire and guide others to do the same. Life is not without obstacles and because of the gifts of this course, I am prepared to meet them, triumph and grow. Prasad is a true teacher who’s guidance and love do not stop when the diplomas are distributed. These are the most precious gifts. He is always there for all of his students no matter what, encouraging us to stay on this amazing path. Since the course, I am coming to discover everything I have ever felt was missing, seeing now that it was inside of me all along.

– Jena McCafferty (Canada)

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