Nansen Environmental Center, Norway

“We, the staff at the Nansen Center, had the pleasure of being taught Yoga during a week workshop in May 2009 by Prasad. He is an outstanding teacher of Yoga, including motivation. He got us very interested in the wisdom of Yoga, and got us highly motivated to continue doing Yoga, so that we can use Yoga in our work and science, which includes important problems dealing with climate and global warming.”

– Ola M. and Bente E. Johannessen
Leaders of the Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center,
affiliated with the University of Bergen, Norway

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  1. I had an opportunity to attend the yoga class taught by Prasad sir at Cherai Beach Resort at Cochin from 8th Feb to 12th Feb 2010 during the Nansen Winter School.Simply I can say has broaden my understanding regarding various Asana, breathing exercise and Relaxation. It was true experiencing the synchronization of Mind and Body.
    Shailendra Kumar Mandal
    Assistant Professor
    Department of Architecture
    National Institute of Technology Patna, Bihar, India

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