YTT Testimonials

YTT India 2015

“Training with Prasad was a truly transformative experience, beyond asana mechanics. Yes, the course definitely gave me the understanding and tools of functional anatomy, kinetics, alignment, guiding principles of safe and effective asana practice – all essentials to evolve into a good yoga teacher. In that respect, Prasad is a fantastic teacher, very knowledgeable, lucid and clear, and targeted in giving us the core knowledge we needed. However, the course is much more than that. Prasad worked with us to explore a deeper experience of yoga – of integrating the mind, breath and body, of aligning inner and outer worlds. He guided us in using our practice to examine, challenge and nurture not only our physical body but also inner selves – the mind, the emotions, our patterns of behaviors. We approached our practise from physical, experiential and intellectual perspectives. The lessons learnt are applicable in life situations for anyone, from yoga teacher to CEOs to homemakers. These learning allow us to work through our roles and demands more effectively, gracefully and with far less stress. As we went through our processes, Prasad was always there, compassionate yet firm, always listening but nudging us to find our own answers – never allowing for any dependence to form.

Going through his program has not only made me a better and more compassionate person, spouse, mother & daughter, but also a much more effective leader and manager, with greater clarity and impact. Prasad is that teacher who gives you the greatest gift of learning to be your own light! And that is the first real step in yoga.”

– Urja Shah (Mumbai, India)

YTT 300 2015

“The 300-hour course with Prasad Rangnekar went beyond my expectations. The course itself helped me to go deeper in my own emotional and spiritual growth, which was the main reason I decided to participate. The teachings on physiology, exploring gross and subtle energy awareness in asanas, developing a consistent sadhana through the daily practices during the course, understanding how the mind, body, and energy body are intertwined, and deepening my understanding of yoga philosophy continues to guide me on the spiritual path daily.

My work as a yoga teacher has changed as I have gained confidence in what my intent is when I teach, as well as strengthened my knowledge and ability to meet my students where they are at and what they need. My work as a mental health therapist has also grown, as more and more people I work with are interested in learning yoga techniques to manage mood and stress. I have only gained more and more with each class, workshop and training I have had the pleasure of attending with Prasadji. If your intent is to deepen your yoga practice, incorporate it into daily lifestyle, and walk on the spiritual path, I highly recommend this course.”

– Twyla Gingrich (USA)

YTT India 2014

“The YTT course meant the world to me. I am blessed to have had the honor to be a part of the Hatha Yoga Tradition taught by Prasad. I know now the importance and broad dimension of yoga, a medicine for the soul, a life journey of knowledge, wisdom and experience. I have learned and experienced the real importance of breathing, I have acquired awareness of my self- limiting believes, self-sabotage, fears and restless mind, but most importantly I have learned how to overcome my self- imposed limitations with patience, love and compassion. Life has definitely gained a new meaning for me and I was born again by receiving the blessings of the Hatha Yoga tradition along with my Sanskrit name, Sanjeevani – The giver of life. I am living now with purpose as a yoga teacher. With trust, resilience and devotion to stay in the path, transform myself and inspire others.”

– Natalia Blanchet ‘Sanjeevani’, (Brazil)

YTT Lithuania 2013

“This was my first time I have got acquainted with yoga in Yoga Prasad Teachers Training and Self Development Immersion training in Lithuania in 2013. And I must admit the training has changed my life! I have learned to feel and accept my body. I have realized the importance of breathing, connection between emotions and experiences. Now yoga helps me to get out of the daily routine, stop and enjoy the moment, leave the results of my actions for the Universe.

And most of all – I have started to live conscious life! Spiritual path is long journey and I am very happy I have the Teacher now. I am starting to teach yoga classes in October. I feel ready and confident!

Thank You Prasad Rangnekar!

– Evelina Rimkiene (Lithuania)

YTT Hongkong 2013

“If someone had told this unfit, sedentary, 67-year-old granny a year ago that she’d be ecstatic about yoga, she’d have told them they were delusional. Now, here I am, halfway through the eight-month Yogaprasad Yoga Teacher Training and Self-development Immersion program in Hong Kong, and realising that taking this giant leap of faith was one of the best decisions I ever made.

Yogaprasad YTT reaches far deeper than simple asana training. It is a mind-expanding, heart-opening, soul-awakening path to one’s true self. You can learn asanas from a book or even a YouTube video. It’s a very rare soul who can share the ancient wisdom of true yoga, in all its aspects, with unconditional love, compassion and deep understanding.

Prasad is down-to-earth, gentle, extremely knowledgeable and shares his wisdom in a way that informs, supports and nurtures his students’ learning and development in body, mind and spirit. Our class group of 16 is a family who encourage and deeply care about each other. We also have loads of fun! If you are lucky enough to have the opportunity to study with Prasad, count your blessings and jump into the deep ocean of wisdom he will so willingly share with you. He will change your life; he has certainly changed mine in so many beautiful ways.

Thank you, Prasad, with deep love and gratitude.”

– Kate O’Hara (Hong Kong)

YTT India 2013

“During these 3 weeks, we dived into the depth of yoga, exploring and experiencing ourselves what Prasadji taught us, with love, patience, devotion and an extraordinary sense of adventure. More than never, yoga became « effortless & joyful. Probably the 3 most intense weeks of my life… Such a blessing.”

– Vanessa Uyttenhove (Belgium)

YTT India 2012

I never believed that I could do it. It was our Baba, our teacher Prasad who choose me and it was him who saw the potential I held inside me. All I can say about this yoga teacher course is that it has caused a 180 degree turn in me. I could throw away the fear inside me and open up my heart and mind. The biggest thing was the spiritual naming ceremony where I received the name “Sudheer” – the one who is committed and brave – aspects that were missing in my life. That day, near the Yamuna river, I was blessed with these qualities. It was like magic for me. Thank you so much, my love to the participants and our Baba. Love you, Baba.

Nitin Suri – Sudheer