The Yoga Teachers Training Course

Yoga Teachers Training

From a practitioner of yoga to a teacher, a gentle transformation awaits you…

Make this rewarding transition from yoga student to yoga teacher with a solid foundation of commitment towards self growth and service. Come on this exciting journey of Self-acceptance, Self-empowerment and Self-transformation with us and unfold your hidden potentials. Lead by example, transform yourself and help others transform.

The Yogaprasad Yoga Teachers Training Course and Self-development Immersion is about learning and experiencing yoga in a holistic way, the way it has been traditionally taught in India since thousands of years. The focus is not just on the physical aspect but rather on an entire personality transformation including body, mind, emotions, breath and heart. The objective of the course is to bring Yoga into action, beyond the mat and into the heart.

Our philosophy is well-rounded and in this sense the system of our traditional teaching may differ from some schools in the west, those enthusiasts who expect sole focus on physical culture may want to consider, appreciate and experience the wider scope of the Yoga science as taught in this course.

Therefore, students are advised to make up their minds about their priorities before they apply. Once on board, we will go through this beautiful flowering with love, togetherness and the joy of being with like-minded friends, with firm commitment and sincerity. As students, let’s absorb, as teachers, let’s give, as Yogis, let’s transform.

This course is intended for:

  • Sincere students interested in becoming certified yoga teachers. Those who want to seriously work on knowing themselves deeply through Yoga
  • Practitioners and students who wish to deepen their personal practice
  • Yoga teachers and students from other schools seeking an understanding of authentic holistic yoga principles beyond the physical aspect.
  • Yoga teachers fulfilling Yoga Alliance’s continuing education requirements

At Yogaprasad we believe that every Yoga Teacher is not just a teacher but also an inspiration to others. This is why we include a self-transformation module in our course. Through this module every participant consciously undertakes the journey of transformation through methods of yoga and experiences what he/she would be teaching to the students. Thus through this course the participants themselves get transformed and also become agents of transformation.

Course Credentials and Affiliation

This course is conducted by Yogaprasad Institute which is registered with the Yoga Alliance to offer both 200 and 500 hours Teachers Training Programs. The Yogaprasad TTC 200 hours course follows the basic core curriculum required by the Yoga Alliance, which includes mandatory categories of specific training or subject matter. In fact our program significantly exceeds them at 220+ total hours. All students successfully completing our yoga teacher training course are awarded Yoga Teacher Training Certificate by Yogaprasad, also making them eligible for registering themselves directly with Yoga Alliance as RYT 200 or RYT 500 as the case may be.

Yogaprasad is a registered Yoga School Certified by:

Yoga Alliance