Yoga Philosophy

At Yogaprasad we believe that Yoga is a science of conscious living and realising our true nature, which is Love and freedom. Yoga is not only a physical practice but also a way to live more conscious life, by being more aware of our body, breath, mind, thoughts, being conscious of our environment and people around us.

There are reasons because of which we think of ourselves as limited, unloved and bound. But Yoga shows us that we are not limited and allows us to experience the Freedom and Love that we are. A conscious decision to work with Yoga makes us accept our body, a comfortable body is the best carrier of a relaxed mind. When the mind is relaxed we tap into our deepest potential. This connection with our source potential makes us confident and free to achieve our goals peacefully and efficiently.

Methods of Yoga are time tested and perfected to make us realise the potential within us. A dedicated and wholesome practice of this science empowers the individual with independent ‘Self’-confidence and increases the ability to handle life situation fearlessly and in a calm and balanced way. Thus, Yoga is the science of Self-knowing, Self-acceptance, Self-empowerment and Self-transcendence.

In Sanskrit, Yoga means Union and Prasad means the Divine gift. The state of inner confidence, balance, love and happiness that shines upon the Yoga practitioners as they practice this age old science with dedication and faith is the true ‘Divine gift of Yoga’ – The Yoga Prasad.

Come join us in this beautiful Journey staying true to the Yogaprasad motto.
“Move the body, purify the mind, open the heart, find the Self”.