Yoga for Teenagers

Between their tantrums and mood swings, their sense of wonder and sense of adventure, desire for knowledge and great physical energy levels, Teenage is really a beautiful, experimental time of our lives. It’s a time when an unknown force seems to propel us towards what we imagine and desire, the drive is strong, the heart is vulnerable and emotions galore. In such times Yoga, the ancient science of self-empowerment can really help the teenagers to become more aware and confident about their body, to realize a deeper sense of self-value, garner clarity, confidence and calmness allowing them to ease the everyday stresses and pressures of their lives.

Here is an account of one such Teenager who experimented with Yoga practice and came out impressed. Hear it in her own words,

Yoga as a Teenager

When my mom asked me if I wanted to start yoga classes, I immediately pictured boring relaxation exercises and endless lotus postures; I however decided to try, and I don’t regret my choice. Yoga is an exigent discipline that improved my physical and mental condition and helped me in my practice of other sports as well as in my personal life as a teenager.
Yoga is a very demanding, and requires balance, mental and physical strength, and flexibility. In the seven months I have practiced yoga, I can feel I am in better shape: I am stronger and more flexible and balanced. This helps me for the other sports I practice by offering me an extra fitness practice.
Furthermore, I feel like yoga helped me in my personal life. It gave me much more mental strength, and I am able to endure more pain (or discomfort) by looking at it and observing it. I am also calmer thanks to the breathing techniques I was taught by yoga. I accept failure more willingly while always trying to overcome my limits.
More than a sport, I feel like yoga is a discipline that improved my condition in every aspect of my life, and I am glad I listened to my mother!

– Soizic Penicaud (Grade 12)

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