Yoga for Corporates

Corporate work life comes with its dark and bright sides. Deadlines, back pains, competition, growing waste line, long hours etc is the harsh reality. Along with the perks even the stress increases, and if you cant live up to all this you fall down from the corporate ladder (if not thrown down already). Yoga deals with the whole person and balances all aspects of the human being. It affect’s one’s health, emotional well-being, frame of mind, clarity of thinking etc. It appeals because there are no barriers to Yoga, it crosses age, sex, creed etc. There are different types of yoga suited to different personalities The Practicality of Yoga and the ease with which you adapt to it makes Yoga one of the best preventive/curative aspects of our stressful corporate life.

Benefits of Workplace Yoga:

  • Increased strength and flexibility
  • Good Posture and good muscle tone
  • Increased vitality and balance of energy
  • Sense of well being, calmness, centeredness
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Increase awareness of the beauty of life in all its forms
  • Lowered blood pressure
  • Improved respiration
  • Improved concentration
  • Improved Focus

What can one expect at a Yoga class?

  • Tapping into the spiritual, intuitive and creative potential
  • Exercises (postures) to develop the body, bringing it the balance of strength and flexibility. Bringing the body’s energy level into balance
  • Concentration exercises that bring clarity and calmness to the mind
  • Breathing exercises that will help respiration problems and bring emotional stability
  • Relaxation exercises that encourage one to experience release and rejuvenation

We have successfully conducted workplace Yoga at many Corporate sites in Mumbai. Some of our clients in India are :

  • Procter and Gamble India
  • Classic Stripes Pvt Ltd.
  • Tata Interactive Systems
  • K. Raheja Universal Pvt Ltd.
  • Kesari Tours Pvt Ltd.

Our Yoga Services:

  • Yoga classes
  • Yoga seminars and workshops
  • Yoga weekends
  • Yoga retreats

Our Services Are Flexible To The Needs Of The Client. For Example:

  • Lack of space – Yoga training can be imparted at the workstation.
  • Specific requirement – Yoga Training to deal with Stress, to deal with Back Problems and to target weight loss, etc.
  • Time constraint – 20 mins Yoga in lunch break

Our Class Structure:
A typical one hour Yoga session consists of the following :

Hatha Yoga:
This physical exercise part of Yoga concentrates on linking mind-body-breath. Orientation of the class is to make the participants self-aware, self-confident, and independent.

Breathing Exercises:
To relax the various physical and mental systems of the body.

To calm down the mind, self-Introspection and improving concentration and focus.

All levels of participants are welcome. Since Yoga is non-competitive, everyone works at their own comfortable level of intensity therefore first time yoga students feel perfectly comfortable working alongside more experienced students. Personal attention is given to participants with specific health problems.

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  1. I read your whole article and I loved your article. Yoga today is very important in people’s life. There is work load and stress at work place so for reducing this stress yoga has become necessary. It keeps the people fit and fine away from all the health problems.

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