Workshops in 2008


– PURE Yoga Retreat – Helsinki
– Yoga for dancers – Munich
– Seminar on Meditation – Munich
– Hip opener workshop – Vienna


– Yoga Nidra Retreat – Vienna
– Tantra workshop – Marbella
– Introduction to Yoga – Turin
– Day to Day Yoga seminar – Munich
– Yoga workshops for Yoga teachers – Across Israel


Hip opener workshop – Vienna
“Prasad’s workshop in our new Yoga Studio Yoga Kula Vienna in October 2008 was amazingly successful. Prasad is truly the teacher of teachers. He was able to make the workshop interesting and enriching to the very beginners as well as experienced teachers of yoga. We are honoured to have Prasad as a part of our teaching team. His deep knowledge and experience of living and practicing yoga is a precious and enriching for those of us who are interested and dedicated to the path of yoga.”
– Nina Steininger, Studio Owner – YogaKula, Vienna

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