Workshops in 2006


  • Yoga Workshops – Hong Kong
  • Yoga Nidra Retreat – Vienna
  • Yoga Retreat – Malaga
  • Bhakti Yoga Talks – Mumbai


Hong Kong Workshops, Summer 2006
Topics Covered
Hatha Yoga:  concentrated practice on linking mind-body-breath. The focus is on alignment, fluidity and linking. The orientation of the class is to make the participants self-aware, self-confident and independent.
Discussions:  What is Yoga? Different types of Yoga, Purpose of life, Yoga and practical life, Training the mind, essentials on spiritual path, detachment – dispassion – discretion
Experiments:  Exercises to develop awareness, stilling the mind, Science of Breath, opening the energy blocks, concentration and practice.
Meditation:  Meditation – what, why and how.
Yoga Nidra: Yoga Nidra is an ancient technique that brings a person closer to the subconscious and its practice for a better life.
Excursions:  A selection of walks around the beautiful mountains and by the sea.

Talks on Bhakti Yoga – Bhagvad Gita – Mumbai, Summer 2006
“Prasad was gracious enough to conduct Bhagvad Gita lessons for some of us, who have been learning Yoga from him for a while. His simple yet powerful elaborations, had us all looking forward to the next Sunday class, where he gave us a deeper perspective into this ancient story that has come to be revered by so many all over the world. In the classes, I saw in Prasad a yogi who truly lives his essence. His wisdom and knowledge of the Upanishads and ancient texts, made him competent to support his explanations and convinced us of the spiritual destiny that we all come into this world with. And he never for once, made us feel inadequate, on the contrary, I always felt empowered, ready to face the battle of life. Prasad asked all the difficult questions that we frequently hide from, urging us to live our ‘complete self’ by looking deeper and what I discovered was that, the only battle that we are meant to fight, is the one that lies within.”
– Adetti Gaurr

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