Workshops in 2005


  • Inner Awareness Retreat – Spain
  • Yoga Nidra – Spain
  • Yoga Retreat – Canary Island
  • Yoga Nidra Weekend – Austria
  • Yoga Workshop – France
  • The Rocket Festival – Spain
  • Yoga Across India


  • Yoga Seminars – London and Birmingham
  • Yoga Seminar / Talk – Abu Dhabi
  • Children’s Yoga at Amercian School of Bombay


Inner Awareness Retreat – Spain, Summer 2005
“People get ready! Your search for Inner comfort and joy can begin. Away from those heaving self help bookshelves, out of the doors of those sweltering ego popping studios, into the gentle company and language of the mind, body and soul of Prasad Rangnekar.
There are many that dedicate their lives to ‘ Healing ‘ and service but so few who instill equality and self acceptance as naturally as this. With my psyche drenched in London loudness I escaped to the mountains of Andalucia on a mini budget. By a chance introduction to his class I began the Yoga journey busy minds dream of. Whatever your state creatively, mentaly or beliefs spiritualy, experiance this blessing before you have to pull his book and cds out from amongst the Deepak Chopras et al. Bliss. Many thanks to his hosts too for letting me wonder in to their beautiful home.”

– Rachel Mayfield Singer/Writer – Participant ‘inner awreness’ week – Malaga Spain

Yoga workshop – Paris, Summer 2005
In June 2005 while visiting Paris Prasad Rangnekar gave a Yoga workshop to the LYNX Theatre in English as a Second Language group. It was opened to interested friends and there were 12 participants of varying ages and with varied experience of physical work and a variety of physical aches and pains; Nobody was very experienced in yoga. First of all Prasad spoke and asked about peoples aches and pains then he led us through a series of twelve basic exercises explaining that each person was to act in respect to their own particular limits with the accent continually on breathing.
The participants were very happy and found the movements and postures beneficial and that they touched on basic essentials. ?After the session Prasad drew all the exercise on a sheet of paper and a photocopy was given to each person so that we could remember the sequence easily for future use. The follow up is, of course, to continue and I know that a number of us are doing yoga postures regularly.”

– ??Joanna Bartholomew – Organizer – Paris workshop

The Rocket Festival – Spain, Summer 2005
Three days of music , fun , energy and yoga in the scenic mountains ranges of south of spain was good enough to life up everyone’s spirits for the rest of the year. In the vastness of the festival we had conceptualized the “healing zone” where people could come to relax , energize and get healed. ?The work started from scratch right from making the Yoga platform to setting up the tents and making cubicles for the therapy areas. Thanks to Jackee and her unsurpassed energy levels all this was managed wonderfully.
We had about 10 therapists from across the world who offered variety of therapies from Hot stone massage to Taichi to Bach Flower Therapy. Every Morning and in the evenings with the bright Sun for company we used to practice yoga. The enchanting setting of the mountains and the innocent greens was ideal to focus and derive stability through Yoga.
Over 3 days yoga was introduced to many new people who had just heared of it but had never tried it. Extended question answer and therapy sessions after the class were affective in reinstigating the usage and practicality of yoga. As a teacher it gave me immense pleasure to interact and spread the message of yoga to such a large and diverse audience. Most of them are still in touch and have been practicing Yoga in whatever way they can. They have started deriving benefits out of their practice according to their feedback.

Yoga Across India, Summer 2005
This experience for me was the best demonstration of the Tree of Yoga flowering and giving its shade to all who come under her. I started teaching Yoga at Procter and Gamble office last year in the month of October. Their dedication and enthusiasm resulted in many benefits across the physical ,mental and emotional levels.??So much was the impact of yoga that the Health team at P&G suggested that I conduct seminars on Yoga for the Sales Managers across India. This was executed in January during the Annual Sales meet. Over a period of time this group of participants also realized the benefits of Yoga. So powerful was the impact of Yoga lifestyle on them that they wanted yoga to reach across India to all their retailers.
We Planned to conduct Yoga seminars across India over 25 locations.??My team included my friends and yoga teachers Mr. Ajit Kamath, Swami Ananda, Amol and Aumrita Sodhi. Together we went across India to more than 25 locations reaching more than 1000 people across all sections of society. ??For all of us it was a fulfilling experience and we really felt contributing towards the “sangha”,  getting together people under the Tree of Yoga.
The next step is to reach out to the family members of the retailers we reached out to …this is how the Tree of Yoga will grow and flower in form of peace of mind and contentment.

Yoga Seminars – London, Winter 2005
“The activities around yoga, the postures or the guided meditations, were explained in detail, as the roots, the goals, the effects and results. The times I found important here were the ones of speech and exchanges in the group. Often Prasad would ask how or what people had felt during an experience.
Many of the participants felt open, confidant and not judged. Many words were parted with in that room, and listened to with respect. This also permitted the people to feel free to read their texts, play their instruments, be themselves and dance until late on Dj Kimi’s music!”

– Gala Besson – Participant from Paris at the Yoga event Organized by ‘Magik for no reason’
Yoga Seminars – Abu Dhabi, Winter 2005
“Thank you very much, we had wonderful evenings when we were with you especially me, I just forgot everything listening to your words  I want to get more guidelines from you to improve my concentration. Eager to see you at the earliest. “

– Mr. Narayanan – Participant at the Abu Dhabi Yoga seminar

“Only the enthusiastic youngsters like you can take the Indian heritage to greater heights and keep it away from another copyright invasion!! I am sure with your passion for Yoga, you will certainly make it big in the days to come.”
Mr.B.R.Shetty – MD & CEO NMC – Abu Dhabi

Children’s Yoga at American School of Bombay, Winter 2005
“Most importantly, the students developed an appreciation for yoga…for the calming, peaceful, stretching, strengthening and athletic qualities of it. Many  ‘uncontrollable students’ thrived in yoga and were able to focus. Several students are practicing yoga at home and have inspired their parents to take it up.  Students also have chosen to continue our yoga lessons throughout the school year.”
– Mrs. Sandra Pascolini – Teacher 4 th Grade American School of Bombay

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