Stand with the feet spread a little over hip-distance apart and parallel. Turn the right foot to the side.
Bend the right knee and make sure that you do not lower the body too much. The knee should not go any further than level with the toes. You can adjust your stance to be wider, if desired, to create a stronger stretch, but do not compromise the steadiness of the posture.
Take the arms up and outwards to the sides so that they are parallel to the floor (palms facing downwards).
Turn the head to look along the right arm, keeping the neck straight. Inhale deeply . Feel a lifting throughout the spine while stretching the arms outwards through to the fingertips, open up the ribcage. Consciously lift the crown of the head towards the ceiling. Relax the neck.
Hold the posture breathing deeply for 30 seconds (if possible). Straighten the leg and rise up to a standing position.
Lower the arms and come back to the middle and then repeat to the other side.

It is a good posture to strengthen the legs.
It also strengthens the back and the arms and tones the nervous system.
Helps aid circulation of blood.
Inspires courage and strength.

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