1 thought on “Video of the Month – April 2009”

  1. hi, i wanted to thank you for today mornning lesson, mostly i enjoy talking even thaugh i was silent.
    theres a question whithine me, if we know what we know, how come i am not 100% fully yoga every moment, its like i never decide totally but i know theres no other way so what is keeping me? for example:
    i had some expirience in moving aside
    n let the moment apear n manifest by itself in working with children in school n also as a yoga teacher, its the most greatful relationship full of love n respect n awarness in flow, caring n giving n observing how things manage for themselves with no one to move or hold it by – its life – its breathing – then im thankfull, i feel im a student as they are, actually i am but im also not the teacher, i have only created a space to things to be, n apear into the moment , i feel i gave n recieve a preciouse gift, i feel love.
    but , somehow in the everyday life its diffrent, when im comming to a lesson 1 hour or 3.5 hours its more easly
    but as life flowing its harder somehow.
    maybe i need to fix limited time in the everyday life as u said earlyer about my work that i have taken, about ‘the whole’ .
    maybe the everyday life is so wide n challenging that i should limit it for focuse, one by one,few hours start in one…one n then another n another… like a mala n a string that holds n connect all the chapters –
    like instead of “getting into an asana” expiriencing every moment in awareness in every movement – there is no goal but the way itself that is the fruites. the asana is limited too.
    by time n space that been chosen – 3 houres maybe…its like we get a chance to do work in a limited time, thats why its easyer..
    what do you think?
    thank you
    n have a great joy

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