Touching Innocent Hearts

There is an inexplicable joy in watching a child play. A mother experiences a surge of love when she sees her child play happily. Love and compassion are two sides of the same coin and the yogis know this very well, because somewhere the yogis are nurturing their own inner Self very lovingly. Yoga being an art of loving – loving without conditions – it is best experienced in a non-judgmental, pristine attitude of the heart.

Touching Innocent Hearts

As part of the Yogaprasad Yoga Teacher’s Training and Self Development Immersion we decided to visit the local school in an isolated valley at the foothills of the Himalayas. Seeing those children was an emotional experience for all of us. Such innocent beings walking miles from their home to get educated in the hope of a brighter future that it can bring into their lives. We distributed some medical supplies and art materials, which the participants of the course had brought from their respective countries. The innocence of their smiles and the sense of wonder in the eyes of the little children struck a chord within our hearts. It is this young generation that we Yogis are seeing to inspire. Enough of the age old limitations that we have endured, this new generation should fly in their own freedom and bliss. This is exactly why the school visit was planned and it did plant a seed of motivation in the hearts of the aspiring Yoga teachers. This seed will be watered ceaselessly by them with sincere practice and dedicated effort towards refining their skills.

If the Yoga teachers have to become more than teacher, an inspiration, then they need to understand that their own Hearts are the only channel through which they can and should operate. Opening the heart and allowing to feel the compassion brings the “union” of yoga closer. Yoga can be taught by the mind but it is the heart that should motivate the teaching. All Masters of the past have expressed the need and importance of working through the Heart. It’s the heart that is the seat of our soul and it’s the same heart that can allow us to reach out to those in need of yoga with sincerity and open-mindedness.

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  1. I would like to thank Prasad from the bottom of my heart for being always there for me, helping, inspiring and guiding me through my yoga-life path, with all the love, compassion and patience. It was him who taught me to listen to my heart and it was through him I really felt I had a heart for the first time. Yoga is really so much more than asanas, it is a deep healing process, I feel much more a yogini today with 5 kg more and less stretching muscles than when I was all about bending forward, not meaning that asana is not important but it is certainly not the only important thing in the universe of yoga. Yesterday I taught my first yoga lesson, with gratitude and humility, something It wouldn’t have happened without Prasad´s inspiration and guidance on facing and going through my fears and lack of confidence. So for that and so much more thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Namaste!

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