Start in a squatting position in which your stance less than the distance between your shoulders. Lower your trunk onto the legs, move the pelvis to the front. Now slowly straighten your legs, raise the pelvis up to knee height.
Move the left upper arm and shoulder away from the posterior left thigh above the knee, and rest the left hand flat on the ground, on the outside of the foot. Repeat on the right side.
Now slowly raise yourself. Push your hands into the ground, move your weight backwards. The inner thighs should be placed as high as possible.
Inhale and stretch and straighten the legs on the sides so that your pelvis remains in a high position and legs aligned parallel to the ground.
Lengthen your arms and raise your torso upwards by widening your shoulder blades apart.
Look ahead, and stay in the position for about 10 seconds or as much as your body allows you to, and then come out of the asana by exhaling and returning your feet to the ground.


Stretches the back torso and inner groins.
Provides strength to the arms and wrists.
Tones and tightens the belly.
Enhances the overall sense of balance.
Calms the mind by relieving from tension, stress and anxiety.
Strengthens the wrist

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