The Tempest of Transformation

Dear friends,

It feels nice to be back with you on the site. It has been a whirlwind tour of 12 weeks across 11 countries, and what a tour it was! If I can sum up my experience in one word I would say “awakening”. Yes, the world is waking up. There is a wave of personal uprising, which is spinning off into people’s movement.

One of the reasons why my tours are such a huge learning experience for me is because of the local flavor. Which so ever country I visit, I chose to live with the locals, and experience their company, culture, cuisine and chaos. Superficially it looks like every country in itself is in some or other crisis and that at the base level humans are not happy. If we don’t look deep enough we feel as if the society as a whole has lost all options and is succumbing under the pressure of future and is dragged down by the guilt of past.

But amidst this gloomy overview I have seen a light of hope, a spark still burning, little movement of “awakening”. People across the world have started asking questions, squeezing out of comfort zones and pushing against the walls of their limiting belief systems. It is no more about accepting things hands down in hopelessness, the time for action has come, welcome.

The unrest as such is a movement towards stabilization of not only some countries but also the whole humanity. As our Yogi ancestors would have told us, the Earth is one country and all of humanity is its citizens.

Not just in Yoga philosophy but this has been a common wisdom across ages. One of my favorite Roman philosopher Seneca wrote that there are two kinds of citizenship. About one of them he said “terminus civitatis nostrae cum sole metimur” (we measure the boundaries of our citizenship by the path of the sun) and about the other he describes as “cui nos adscripsit condicio nascendi” (the one assigned to us by an accident of birth). If we want to create a more peaceful world, all of us in every country should come together and focus on the first type of citizenship. And this is what I see happening now. With internet technology closing in the divides between countries and social networking sites becoming the sanctums of solidarity, that little spark has started growing into a flame of freedom, freedom from limited view of life, humanity and our potential to be good and do good.

How can Yoga help us kindle this flame of freedom that is sweeping across the world? First of all it is important to understand the basis of yoga which is Yoga is a science of conscious living and realizing our true nature, which is Love and freedom. If we remind ourselves to work with this ideology and ground ourselves in this belief the future that we will create will have an inherent strength.

Secondly, we all need to take a big conscious step towards personal responsibility. It’s high time we humans start becoming responsible for our own life and the life of humanity in general. Each action put forth as an individual, corporation or a country should have some accountability. This is not just in case of political organizations but also the corporate Goliaths who have been taking human society on a mindlessly manipulative spree. When a person understands the implications of his/her own actions and acts responsibly, the society as a whole, since it is made up of individuals will develop a common consciousness. That is when we will see the humanity moving towards a common goal, a “summum bonam” as they say.

And last but not the least, let us all look at each other as “human beings” first. Beyond the color and the race the same red blood flows in our veins, beyond the country and commerce we all breath the same air. Yes, it is hard because we have been conditioned by society over years to segregate each other on basis of these hollow classifications, but it’s now time to look beyond it. We all have been blessed with a conscious mind, and the will to consciously choose. So, let this be the moment in which the whole humanity chooses as One. The only way we can manage this is by consciously reminding ourselves that we are all in our own stages of personal development, and not to be judgmental and prejudiced on basis of the above.

This revolution that has taken the globe in its stride will simmer with us recognizing the fire of freedom within and then letting it light a few fires around in our immediate family and neighborhood. Let us all contribute our own part in this process by being the change that we want to see.