7 Days to Self-Love

Dear Lovely People,

Self-Love is a very important aspect of our personality. Accepting ourselves for what we are and loving ourselves the way we are, working and dedicating our energies to growth and evolution is such a beautiful journey.

This journey starts with loving ourselves first, as Oscar Wilde once said “To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance” Continue reading “7 Days to Self-Love”

Video of the Month – February 2009

In this video, Prasad introduces the first principles of Yogic Breathing. How to breath correctly, how to breath deeply and to try to understand why breathing has become more important today then ever before. Breath has a profound effect on your body as well as your mind. In times of stress if we focus on the breath, and in doing so, stabilise our breath, then we can also stabilise our mind.

This video clip courtesy of mybodyzone.com

Working with recovering drug addicts in London

A dear friend from London offered to host a series of seminars in London. During my initial days in London another common friend who was working as a mentor for Narcotics Anonymous helped us organize an evening event/seminar for the recovering drug addicts and other people.

Helping Rehab in London
Helping Recovering Drug Addicts in London

The event was a fantastic success and the life positive philosophy of Yoga was happily accepted by the participants. Participants expressed, shared, danced and gave love. Since then there was no looking back, the participants who were individually going through difficult stages in their lives were hungry for more. As one of them said for the first time in their life they had seen a ray of positive hope in their life, some concept that could help them manage their lives with complete confidence.
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