Workshops in 2009

Self-Transformation through Yoga” workshop at European Commission – Belgium (October 2009)

“I had the opportunity to be part of “transformation trough yoga” weekend in Brussels with Prasad. Although I practice yoga since many years, those two days were a different experience for me. Prasad is teaching more than just yoga, his work goes beyond the asanas, goes deeper, it’s a life style. I was truly touched by his teaching, and so happy I could be part of this wonderful practice. I’m deeply grateful to Prasad.”

Mia Henderickx – Participant at the “Self-Transformation through Yoga” workshop at European Commission – Belgium

Detox and Purify workshop in Vienna (October 2009)

Yoga Workshop, Munich (October 2009)

Yoga Retreat in Mahabaleshwar, India (September 2009)

Living Yoga in Israel Retreat
August 2009

Living Yoga in Israel Retreat

Yoga Nidra Workshop – Austria
June 2009

Yoga Nidra Workshop, Austria

Du übst regelmäßig Yoga, und meldest dich zum ‘Yoga Nidra Seminar’ in Nexenhof um 4 Tage vertieft zu üben. Dann erlebst Du Prasad Rangnekar. Die Kombination von konsequent geübten Asanas, Entspannung; Tiefenentspannung und verständliche Philosophie warum Yoga jedem mehr Lebenskraft gibt , lässt Dich nicht mehr als der selbe heimkehren als der du gekommen bist. Jetzt lebst Du bewußter.

– Josef Warzel
Participant at the Yoga Nidra Workshop in Austria

Yoga Workshop – Munich
May 2009

Few months ago I started a new life with excitement. But I felt “lost”, I was crying with no sense and I did not know what was happening to me. I met Prasad a month ago. All his words touched my mind. He was like a guide who taught me how to look at myself, how to accept myself and how to grow with Yoga. I put in practice all he taught us as a daily routine. Now, I can say that I have stopped crying, I feel confident, I am stronger, I feel good! Prasad offers you support, his wisdom… he has a special place in my heart.

– Ana Canelada

Yoga Workshop – Bergen, Norway
May 2009

Yoga Workshop, Bergen, Norway

We, the staff at the Nansen Center, had the pleasure of being taught Yoga during a week workshop in May 2009 by Prasad. He is an outstanding teacher of Yoga, including motivation. He got us very interested in the wisdom of Yoga, and got us highly motivated to continue doing Yoga, so that we can use Yoga in our work and science, which includes important problems dealing with climate and global warming.

– Ola M. and Bente E. Johannessen
Leaders of the Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center, affiliated with the University of Bergen, Norway

Hip Opener Workshop – Bangkok
April 2009

“Prasad’s ‘hip opening’ workshop in Bangkok was a beautiful balance for the mind, body and spirit. Prasad is an excellent teacher. For the intellect, he delivered a comprehensive lecture on the hip joint and its importance. He worked our bodies with the hip opening asanas. As a spiritual mentor Prasad connects with his students of all ages, abilities, nationalities and spiritual awareness. What an enlightening, joyful and healthy experience attending his workshop! The best gift I could give my stressed seniors for graduation before they go off to university would be a weekend workshop with Prasad and a CD of the practice of Yoga Nidra.”

– Candy Crouch
High School Counselor
College Advisor

Yoga Retreat – Cunoor, Tamil Nadu, India
March 2009

“A newcomer to the world of Yoga, I was a little apprehensive when asked to join the retreat. Not knowing what to expect and having no idea what the retreat would entail, I agreed mainly because of wanting to get to know better my newly found girlfriends, whom at this stage I was becoming very fond of. That and of course a degree of curiosity.

I am not sure if mere words can describe the experiences and discoveries made during the Retreat. There were 5 of us, and I believe that each and every single one us connected to Prasad personally. The most wonderful guidance, we unlocked and let go of the past, we embrace the now. A lesson of ‘Detachment’, we let go of our emotions such as anger and hatred, we learned forgiveness and Love. Love towards others and most important Love towards ourselves, to learn how to receive as much as we give. ??I came as a guarded person with walls protecting me, a heavy baggage and allowing only certain few to view the innermost vulnerable me. I left with crumbling walls, although not completely gone, pieces are going down all the time. Prasad you showed the way on how to forgive not only other people but to forgive myself. I came away with not new found friends, but four sisters of the heart. I left a better person, a person who has love, courage and spirituality.

As I write this, tears are flowing, these are not tears of sadness, but of all emotions in me and the realisation of how much you have done for me. How does one thank and show gratitude you, Prasad?”

Love always,

Stress Management Seminar – Mumbai
January 2009

“In one of my first contacts with yoga, I participated in a stress management seminar with Prasad, which was an enriching and inspiring experience. With his  unique approach to yoga, mixing gentleness, sense of humour and clarity of explanations, Prasad provided us with the ‘tools’ and directions to effectively improve stress management through yoga. No doubt, this seminar was a success, and we were grateful for Prasad showing us the way!”

– Nathan Derhy

Nina Steininger, Owner of YogaKula Studio, Vienna

Throughout the years of my trainings as a Yoga teacher I have learned from many different teachers. Still there was something in me that thought there must be something more to it than that… In my search of deeper sense of Yoga, I have met Prasad. It was a stunning experience for me. I felt the very essence of yoga he is transmitting through his teaching. Learning yoga with Prasad is like connecting directly with the very Source of Existence. It is enlivening and enriching. I am thankful for having the privilege of meeting Prasad, who is living and passing on the tradition of Yoga, this great science of Life.

Nina Steininger, Studio Owner
YogaKula, Vienna

Israeli Yoga Teachers’ Association

“The Israeli Yoga Teachers’ Association had the great pleasure of hosting Prasad Rangnekar for a series of workshops in our country. We were privileged to meet and study with an intelligent and very inspiring teacher.
Prasad succeeds in bringing the traditional teachings of yoga together with a here-and-now approach that makes each lesson deep, relevant, and again, an inspiring reminder as to why we are practicing this yoga!
During his stay in our country, I can truly say that Prasad touched the hearts and minds of all who met him.”

Honi Rosen, Administrative Director
The Israeli Yoga Teachers’ Association

Carla Rieger – Author and Motivational Speaker

“Prasad has a rare combination of strength, flexibility, grace and wisdom that brings a whole new level of possibility to yoga. He delivers his programs with wit, humor, intelligence and passion.
While some people are excellent at doing yoga and others are excellent at teaching it. Prasad has the ability to do both. He becomes a living bridge for others to master themselves both inside and out.”

Carla Rieger, author and speaker on Creativity at Work
Artistry of Change

Bill & Dierdre Cowley @ Surya Yoga Workshop, Spain

“Casa Mayor hosted a yoga group led by Prasad Rangnekar in May 2004. In all there were 7 participants, all completely new to yoga. During the course his undivided attention was given not only to the entire group but also to the needs of each individual.
By the end of the course all participants agreed that the week had been of tremendous therapeutic value, thanks to the effort put in by Prasad. It is hard to express the level of gratitude that was shown to Prasad.”

Bill and Dierdre Cowley – Directors, Casa Mayor
Organizers of ‘Surya Yoga’ Workshop, Spain

Maeylas @ Munich, November 2008

“Prasad is a living proof that wisdom does not necessarily have anything to do with biological ‘old age’. Wise, knowledge, with a surprising clarity of mind and common sense, and an ability, which can not always be taken for granted, to pass his experience onto others.
Prasad succeeded in less than three hours to sow and water the seed of meditation in a group of lively, talkative but also stressed Spanish-speaking ladies, who had hardly ever come close to even the concept of meditation. He returned to India leaving behind a group fully devoted to a conscious daily practice. We heartily thank him for this.”

Munich, November 2008

Lisa Cherry – Author of ‘Stories from The Yogic Heart’

“In my eight years of doing yoga with various teachers, I have to genuinely say that Prasad has been one of the best ones I’ve been honoured to learn from. His teachings, with his focus on the breath first and foremost, were quintessential yoga at its best and gladdened my heart that there are still teachers who realize that yoga is about prana before asana. His gentleness, his flow, and the beauty of his yoga nidra as well, made my retreat with him one which will indelibly be in my heart forever.”
Lisa Cherry, Journalist and Author of Stories From the Yogic Heart

Jackee @ Surya Yoga Workshop, Spain

“I had always thought ‘there must be more to life than this’ and during the yoga week with Prasad, he helped me recognize what it was. I thought yoga was a boring form of exercise. I now realize its a whole different way of life.
In one week we were shown the many different facets of yoga and taught how to apply them in your everyday life. Being able to practice breathing, exercise and meditation and connecting these practices all together, gave me a feeling of all over well being and peace of mind. The yoga retreat week gave me a long awaited opportunity to change my life.
Prasad is passionate about yoga and with his style of teaching he helps his students to bring out the best in themselves. The whole concept of yoga is that everyone can achieve it. Don’t think you can’t do it… YOGA IS FOR EVERYONE.”

Jackee – Participant of ‘Surya Yoga’ Workshop, Spain

Nicola Bowen @ Stress Management Through Yoga Workshop, Spain

“In a time busy with material success, unreal issues, a mind flooded with ceaseless thoughts my inner core is asking for inspiration and healing and my fortunate path leads me to meet Prasad Rangnekar.
Prasad’s pure energy, calm state of being, great sense of humor and charisma make his mere presence an experience of inspiration and motivation. Living very much in this world, embracing technologies and tools of modern society, Prasad shows us, how to integrate the teachings and practices nurturing the true self into our busy lives, so that there is no border, no cliff between practice and life.
Cleansed, weightless and purified I emerge from this practice and carry the experience and it’s teaching in me. Grateful to my teacher and the endless wisdom of the teachings I wish for all beings to share this practice.”

Nicola Bowen – PR and Marketing, Nikki Beach
Participant at ‘Stress Management Through Yoga’ Workshop, Spain