Wandering in the Himalayas – Part 2

(Continued from Wandering in the Himalayas – Part 1)

The days went by and one day around the people I knew in Rishikesh I heard about a Mahatma (realized soul) living in the jungle of Haridwar. Unlike my city life, I had all the time in the world over here and didn’t want to lose any opportunity to meet such a highly evolved person, so I quickly jumped at the chance to join the group visiting the Mahatma.

The forest in which this man lived is a closely guarded nature reserve with restricted entry. As our group made way through the terrain, the freshness of the wild forest started enveloping us, the sharp noise of the city was left way behind only to be welcomed by the late evening chirps of birds waiting to fly back home. Peacocks seemed to care less of the group but the bird atop the tree did sound a little curious of the arrival of handful of men in this dense forest. The might and grandeur of the forest was evident, humbling us as we walked through the winter chill, reminding me all the time how we humans try hard to dominate the nature and yet how tiny we are in front of her vastness and power. Pondering over this I made my way through the uneven ground.

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Wandering in the Himalayas – Part 1

There was a time in my life when devotion was flowing through me like a river in spate. Mind had limited application during those times, tears didn’t stop rolling down the cheeks. I had to be close to Lord Shiva in the Himalayas only to come closer to the Shiva within me. Devotion or Bhakti has always been for me a test of my surrender to the higher designs of the Universe. It was time to put this surrender to test.

In Rishikesh
In Rishikesh

In December of 2006 I traveled across the foot hills of Himalayas. Promptly surrendering my money wallet and mobile phone to a friend I walked to explore the inner through the outer. Dropping all, I walked with a mind of a ‘Parivrajaka’ (wandering spiritual seeker).
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No Pain – No Gain.

Dear Friends,

We are all well acquainted with pain. For those of us who practice physical asanas it’s more of a love-hate relationship with physical pain. Many times this physical pain helps in giving us a deeper lesson of life as was realized by my dear friend and a fellow Yogini Misa Derhy. Her struggle with one particular posture called the “cow-face” Gomukhasana made us contemplate a lot on the topic of pain and here’s what came up in my mind.

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