No Pain – No Gain.

Dear Friends,

We are all well acquainted with pain. For those of us who practice physical asanas it’s more of a love-hate relationship with physical pain. Many times this physical pain helps in giving us a deeper lesson of life as was realized by my dear friend and a fellow Yogini Misa Derhy. Her struggle with one particular posture called the “cow-face” Gomukhasana made us contemplate a lot on the topic of pain and here’s what came up in my mind.

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Panchaklesha – Afflictions


– Patanjali Yoga Sutra ch 2 verse 3

Imagine if we had a list of variables that cause us suffering wouldn’t it be good to just work on each of these obstacles and get rid of them to make our lives smooth flow?

Patanjali in his yoga sutra gives us a list of such causes that can be worked upon. Once the aspirant gets rid of the causes of suffering he/she starts identifying with the “atman”-The self. This self is pure and infinite, it is love, existence and knowledge in itself. Once the aspirant knows the Self nothing else is desired.

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