Bill & Dierdre Cowley @ Surya Yoga Workshop, Spain

“Casa Mayor hosted a yoga group led by Prasad Rangnekar in May 2004. In all there were 7 participants, all completely new to yoga. During the course his undivided attention was given not only to the entire group but also to the needs of each individual.
By the end of the course all participants agreed that the week had been of tremendous therapeutic value, thanks to the effort put in by Prasad. It is hard to express the level of gratitude that was shown to Prasad.”

Bill and Dierdre Cowley – Directors, Casa Mayor
Organizers of ‘Surya Yoga’ Workshop, Spain

Jackee @ Surya Yoga Workshop, Spain

“I had always thought ‘there must be more to life than this’ and during the yoga week with Prasad, he helped me recognize what it was. I thought yoga was a boring form of exercise. I now realize its a whole different way of life.
In one week we were shown the many different facets of yoga and taught how to apply them in your everyday life. Being able to practice breathing, exercise and meditation and connecting these practices all together, gave me a feeling of all over well being and peace of mind. The yoga retreat week gave me a long awaited opportunity to change my life.
Prasad is passionate about yoga and with his style of teaching he helps his students to bring out the best in themselves. The whole concept of yoga is that everyone can achieve it. Don’t think you can’t do it… YOGA IS FOR EVERYONE.”

Jackee – Participant of ‘Surya Yoga’ Workshop, Spain

Nicola Bowen @ Stress Management Through Yoga Workshop, Spain

“In a time busy with material success, unreal issues, a mind flooded with ceaseless thoughts my inner core is asking for inspiration and healing and my fortunate path leads me to meet Prasad Rangnekar.
Prasad’s pure energy, calm state of being, great sense of humor and charisma make his mere presence an experience of inspiration and motivation. Living very much in this world, embracing technologies and tools of modern society, Prasad shows us, how to integrate the teachings and practices nurturing the true self into our busy lives, so that there is no border, no cliff between practice and life.
Cleansed, weightless and purified I emerge from this practice and carry the experience and it’s teaching in me. Grateful to my teacher and the endless wisdom of the teachings I wish for all beings to share this practice.”

Nicola Bowen – PR and Marketing, Nikki Beach
Participant at ‘Stress Management Through Yoga’ Workshop, Spain