How Much is Too Much ? A Reflection

Last week, as I was driving through the busy streets of Mumbai my car paused for a breather at a traffic signal. Steams of sweat rising from my shirt, fumes of carbon blinding my vision, the only place I could look was up, up at the gigantic advertising hoardings coaxing me to buy something. As I had sometime at hand I started reading the messages one by one. “Achieve results faster than before”, “better than the rest”, “why settle for less when you can have more?”, “double the fun in a bigger better pack”, bombarded by messages of excess I drove away with a mind full of “excessive” thoughts, questions fired in my mind like a automatic gun, couldn’t chase the train of thoughts, unless I reached home and stayed still in the body and let the tides of mind calm down.

Were we humans trying to achieve too much? Were we trying to hold excess in our palms only to let the valuables slip through our fingers, where does this hunger for faster, higher, stronger end? Or does it? How much is too much? Continue reading “How Much is Too Much ? A Reflection”