Seven Days to Self Love

Seven Days to Self LoveDay 1

Have you ever spent time and energy finding that perfect apartment or house for you to stay? Some place which you can call “home” and not just a house. Let us not forget that our real “Home” is our body, this is where “we” reside as a Being. In today’s hectic world we get so busy with life that we tend to take our body for granted, abuse it and then expect it to perform optimally to satisfy our never ending desires. The real journey of Self Love starts when we start at least appreciating if not loving our body. If you don’t like your home, your life becomes uncomfortable, right? Loving your body and feeling comfortable in it is like coming back to a safe, secure, cozy home. Continue reading “Seven Days to Self Love”

Slumdog Yogi

In the back alleys of South Bombay, a small Municipal school gives shelter to a “paper bag” making unit and a Dream. A dream, that’s growing slowly but steadily over the last 3 years. A small batch of 12 boys from economically difficult backgrounds started building steps towards empowering themselves through the path of Yoga. Over the last 3 years hope was baked in the furnace of diligent practice and hard work, and sincerity nurtured the spirits of these boys who have achieved the stuff dreams are made of.
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7 Days to Self-Love

Dear Lovely People,

Self-Love is a very important aspect of our personality. Accepting ourselves for what we are and loving ourselves the way we are, working and dedicating our energies to growth and evolution is such a beautiful journey.

This journey starts with loving ourselves first, as Oscar Wilde once said “To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance” Continue reading “7 Days to Self-Love”


As far as Love is concerned, I will be happy to present my own views. Though it is a difficult job. Remember, these views are the products of my experiments, contemplations and experiences. Similar case is with all other aspects of life and my interpretations on them. I do not force anyone to follow them as I believe that everyone has been blessed with an intellect good enough to analyze and reflect on the varied aspects of life.

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