Two weeks ago, in India we celebrated the birthday of Lord Ganesh, the elephant God. This particular deity has always been very special for me for various reasons, primarily because of His appearance; He is the wise one whose head is that of an elephant and the rest of the body of a human. As a child He was an object of curiosity and wonderment. Just like me He is the favorite of everyone, especially the little children.

Lord Ganesh is invoked prior to all occasions. He is the source of confidence and strength, it is said that invoking Lord Ganesh takes care of all the obstacles in the path of any desired course of action.

The most important and beautiful part of this invocation is expressing gratefulness for existence. That’s why in India everything has become a deity, the Sun, the Stars, the wealth and the wisdom, all essential components of life are worshiped as deities. The reason behind this was always to be grateful for what IS and for what you have, and my short note today revolves around this topic. The essentiality of “Being grateful”. Continue reading “Gratitude”