Opening the Deeper States of the Mind

[Guest post by Veena from Bangkok]

“After attending “Finding YourSelf “, workshop with Prasad in Oct 2006 in Bangkok, I was introduced to Yoga Nidra. For 3 weeks after the workshop, I was still pondering over this question, “What is Yoga Nidra? Why do I have to do it when I am already meditating? Do I really need to incorporate another technique to my bag of destressing tools?”

Quite confused, I finally emailed Prasad asking, “How do I include the yoga nidra in my daily routine? I tried your Yoga Nidra CD for the first time. The result was phenomenal and definitely the benefits are different from meditation. Do you suggest I do it once a week, more than once or ……? can’t decide.”

His reply on 21st Nov, 2006 was as follows: “I am glad that you are looking at yoga not as something to do, but something to explore. Yoga is a very powerful tool, it is like a torch which helps us remove the darkness of ignorance and relieve tensions. In turn we discover the True Reality which lies within. Continue reading “Opening the Deeper States of the Mind”

Arise and Awake!

On October 24th 2009, people in 181 countries came together for the most widespread day of environmental action in the planet’s history. At over 5200 events around the world, people gathered to call for action on the climate crisis. On the same day 30 Yogis gathered together in Vienna to meditate on becoming more aware of the environment, to send healing positive energy to our mother Earth and to understand the crucial link between Yoga and Environmental consciousness. Continue reading “Arise and Awake!”