Virabhadrasana (Warrior – 3)

Virabhadrasana- Warrior 3
Virabhadrasana- Warrior 3


Stand in the Tree posture with arms up and hands together, keep your body weight on right foot and slowly start bending forward.
Allow your body weight to slowly pass on to the front of the right foot as you steadily bring your torso lower and lower till its parallel to the floor.
The left leg is raised and is made parallel to the floor, similarly to the upper body.
Now your whole body is balanced on the right foot, the right leg is held straight, the spine is lengthened and erect and arms are along side the head, the chin is raised up as if you are looking at a point in front of you. The left leg is held straight with toes of the left foot pointed away from the body.
Engage your abdomen so as to hold yourself firmly in the posture, direct the senses inwards except only the eyes which are focusing on a point in front of you.
Hold this posture for 30 seconds and then gently come out of the posture by placing the raised foot on the floor and standing straight in samastithi.
Repeat on the other foot in same way for 30 seconds.


Strengthens the core (abdominal area) and legs.
Improves balance.
Improves concentration of mind.
Removes Laziness.



Vrikshasana – Tree Posture

Stand erect with the feet together firmly placed on the floor and the arms by your sides.
Balancing on the left foot, bend the right leg at the knee, raise the right thigh and bring the sole of the right foot as high up the inside of the left thigh as possible.
Raise both arms over the head keeping the elbows straight and joining the palms together.
Hold the posture while breathing gently through the nostrils for about 10 complete deep breaths.
Lower the arms and right leg and return to the neutral standing position with feet together and arms at the sides.
Pause for a few moments and repeat on the opposite leg.

This is essentially a balance posture. Poor balance is often the result of a restless mind or distracted attention.
Regular practice of this posture will help focus the mind, cultivate concentration and improve balance and coordination.
It also builds strength in thighs and lower back.