Video of the Month – February 2009

In this video, Prasad introduces the first principles of Yogic Breathing. How to breath correctly, how to breath deeply and to try to understand why breathing has become more important today then ever before. Breath has a profound effect on your body as well as your mind. In times of stress if we focus on the breath, and in doing so, stabilise our breath, then we can also stabilise our mind.

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Centering in Yoga

Dear friends,

I hope you all are fine and doing very well with your life. Life! Isn’t it exciting? One of the reasons I love life is because of the excitement of new challenges it brings. With confidence and centering we all can face these challenges easily. “Centering” in yoga is the search for balance between the two polarities of our human life, the outgoing, extrovert, active side and the ingoing, introvert, receptive side. With most of us we manifest one predominant personality. For instance, one person is more of an outgoing personality, while another one is quieter. The centering methods mentioned in ancient yoga scriptures help us in balancing our personality thus balancing all variables of our life in turn.

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