Spiritual Evolution

The other day I happened to browse through a book written by Richard Bach. One of the verses said,

“If the child we were asked us today for the best we’ve learned from living, what would we tell, and what would we discover in return?”

I was particularly touched by this verse as it sent me back into the past for a while when I used to wonder about this process of life, process of crawling from womb to the grave without even being aware of it. Marvel at our lonely world of confusion and chaos, with us snuggly inside the amber of menial existence just like an archaic fossil, rotating round and round with the wheel of time. When will the end begin? Or are we just chasing a distant dream and playing Dice with Destiny?

And many sleepless nights were spent tossing and turning cushioned by nothing else but these thoughts, day after day night after night.

Majority of this humanity lurks in the darkness of ignorance, the reason being, lack of belief in THAT inner voice, THAT God inside us which talks to us even though we don’t pray to the mute idols, THAT force which is the source of wonderment.

But every one of us who has been preoccupied with the external world has to one day sit up and take note of THAT Inner calling and then project our efforts towards refining ourselves.

This refinement is something that takes serious effort, dedication, patience and trust.
It’s about trying to make a Life, which is as mixed up as an Irish stew as simple as possible. Upon that we have life ingredients like past conditionings, fears, false beliefs, insecurities spicing up this stew even more.

Experimenting and experiences are the best teachers on this path. To experiment we need a strong fearless attitude. Fearlessness to objectively examine himself/herself in black and white and to ascertain what lies deep beneath. It is important to find out what forces are at work in the mind. What is it that’s clouding the windows of the soul and restricting the light of wisdom from lightening up the heart? Once these forces are discovered a gradual and systematic operation of annihilating them should be undertaken.

When this cleaning operation begins, out come a number of characteristics, which we have ignored or just, brushed under the carpet of superficial living. Prejudices, biases, foolish hopes, unjust attitudes, illusions come forth each trying to resist hard to stay back as we work on brushing them away.

This process of experimenting with the possibilities of mind and body is painful in temporary sense but comes with an assurance of long-term peace and stability. It’s a steep uphill of trials, tribulations, temptations and troubles but with patient determination we can reach the peak of peace.

As Buddha says “Sheer Effort” is required in this exercise. The belief that the mind can be trained just like the muscle is a fact that needs to be borne in mind. Yoga is one of the paths that offer training methodologies and systems. These are tried and tested methods used since thousands of years in the East. Nobody has really failed unless he/she has given up. This is a hard battle, confrontation is heavy, therefore hold on to your ground of discipline and faith for this will shield you through.

Lets take this quest of exploring the Truth with enduring determination and perseverance. Come what may, we will walk the journey till our mind is at peace and heart is in Bliss.

As Mr.Brunton says “The real struggle in Life is the struggle of man against himself.” We need to relearn what we have learned, erase the moods of the mind and sense with the heart.

Wake up now for now is the time to raise our guard. Let us not wallow contentedly in muck of dejection, discontent and dissatisfaction. Every one of us is a divine flower waiting to blossom. Each one of us is a magic box of marvels waiting to be opened. Let us answer that “Child-we-were” that’s asking us that very question every moment of our life.

Nothing great can be obtained by mere wanting, only actions deliver result.
As Milton says “ They are not served those who only stand and wait.”

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