Working with recovering drug addicts in London

A dear friend from London offered to host a series of seminars in London. During my initial days in London another common friend who was working as a mentor for Narcotics Anonymous helped us organize an evening event/seminar for the recovering drug addicts and other people.

Helping Rehab in London
Helping Recovering Drug Addicts in London

The event was a fantastic success and the life positive philosophy of Yoga was happily accepted by the participants. Participants expressed, shared, danced and gave love. Since then there was no looking back, the participants who were individually going through difficult stages in their lives were hungry for more. As one of them said for the first time in their life they had seen a ray of positive hope in their life, some concept that could help them manage their lives with complete confidence.

Every evening we used to meet in the lush green patches of London’s Hampstead Heath Gardens for coffee and conversations, the participants opened up and shared whole heartedly. The free days were spent doing cleansing practices and basic physical asanas to gain self-acceptance of body and mind.

Over two visits to London, we managed to influence and plant a seed of self-acceptance and self-empowerment amongst the participants. Some of them managed to recover very well from their addictions, some gained strength in holding on to their belief and staying positive in their fight against addiction.

Truly, Yoga is a blessing to the ones who use its practices with faith and dedication.

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