Parivratta Janu Sirshasana

Parivratta Janu Sirshasana
Parivratta Janu Sirshasana

Sit on the floor with right leg extended at 45 degrees outwards facing the corner of the room and the left leg folded so that the heal is in front of the perineum.
Extend the right hand and hold the right big toe, bring the right elbow either to the floor in front of the right knee or keep the elbow on the right knee depending on level of flexibility.
Raise the left arm up and stretch the arm towards the sky.
Slowly and with awareness bring the left hand closer to the right foot, so that the left elbow is pointing towards the sky.
See to it that you open up the rib cage by pushing the shoulder blades back and looking upwards.
Breath deeply and normally.
Retain the posture for 10 deep breaths.
Repeat on the other leg.

Deeply stretches the sides of the body
Removes lethargy from the lower part of the body
Helps in developing hip flexibility

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