This posture is dedicated to the Lord of Yoga himself- Lord Shiva. This posture is symbolic of the grace and the pulse of the universe which is the rhythm on which Lord Shiva dances. The name of the asana literary means “The Dancer”.

Stand on both feet and focus on a point for concentration.
Thrust your body weight on the left foot and bend the right knee so the right foot is at the level of your hip.
Hold the right ankle with your right hand and raise the left arm up.
Become aware of your navel and start bending forward trying to balance the body weight on the left foot.
Keep bending forward, as you bend forward lift the right knee up and simultaneously balance the lift of the right knee with the weight of the forward bend.
Hold this balance for 10 counts, let go off the right foot and stand back again on both the feet.
Collect your breath and do the same asana on the right foot.

This asana is very beneficial to develop ability of concentration and physical balance.
It works on the abdominal area, and helps make the thigh and hip joint strong and flexible.

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