Missing Tools

(Retreat account of a dedicated Yogini)

The answers and the tools for life exist for each and every one of us. However it can be challenging to find them from our minds. Sometimes there are people who come into our lives and see the answers and needed tools more clearly than we do. Then we need the courage to stop and be open-minded for the changes.

I am deeply grateful to Prasad. In his retreat he helped me to find my missing tools for life. There began the real development of self-knowledge towards a stronger balance and genuine love.

I realized many things in Prasad’s retreat in Finland. One of the main insights was that in my life, I had great deal of memories, people and things that I had not accepted. Without noticing I had in my mind a huge, energy-consuming war going on – just because I could not accept those things. I had built a huge wall between myself and others. Loneliness seemed to me a safe choice but the wall also took enormous energy, as well as closed behind it many interesting possibilities. In the retreat I found my internal courage and strength and the wall – now useless – began to break down. At the same time, I got a stronger grip on my own life.

It’s been incredible to see the huge change in life which results from cleansing the mind, the body and the environment. I was able to identify the greatest problems in my life from which the other problems emerged. Ever since the retreat I’m working daily on those issues. Day by day I feel stronger and more complete, both psychologically and physically. I have learned to draw my own lines, believing in myself and my strength, loving and nurturing myself, and hence also the others. You need courage to abandon yourself to the driving force of life.

Prasad spoke to us a lot about saving and targeting energy. His advice has been of tremendous benefit. The more I observe and control my thoughts (their quality, quantity, direction) the more I have energy for other things. Now I begin my day calm, focused and present, with yoga.

When you get a great insight, it is always a new opportunity. In the retreat I got a lot of insights. When you truly realize the power of acceptance and release, in life you open the doors for light. I even got out of tobacco, after 12 years of smoking. After the retreat when I got home, I lit a cigarette by old habit. I looked at the cigarette and I asked myself: “Why am I not able to stop?” I remembered what Prasad said in the retreat as a general example: “If you’re a heavy smoker, accept that you smoke, but accept also the fact that it destroys your health.” I understood that I had no other choice than to accept it. So I accepted it and asked myself with all my heart: “Do I really want to damage my precious body in this way?” I realized that no way. I stubbed out the cigarette and wondered what on earth had I done for 12 years. The strangest thing is that it really ended my craving for tobacco. Insight, acceptance, and letting go. I would never have believed quitting to be so easy. When the idea was felt with emotion it turned into a real insight and resulted in action. It is very important what kind of ideas you plant in your mind because they will give you the fruits to harvest in life. The power of thought is unspeakable. Every day is full of possibilities and options.

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