This is also a balance posture like Natarajasana.

Stand firmly on both the feet in Samasthiti.
Focus your eyes on a point for concentration.
Shift your body weight on your left foot, raise the right leg in the front and hold the right big toe with the right hand.
Keeping the balance slowly bring the right leg toward the right side of your body.
Now let go off the right big toe and hold the right knee with your right elbow from underneath.
Straighten the right leg as much as you can keeping a firm balance on the left leg.
Hold for 10 counts and switch the leg and continue.

This asana is very beneficial to develop ability of concentration and physical balance.
It works on the abdominal area, and helps make the thigh and hip joint strong and flexible.

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  1. Hallo Prasad. I am in Pondicherry and just did the Falcón Probably not as good as you. Hope yoy got back to Bombay ok. I will go to ashram of Swami on friday. I send you rays of light directly from my heart shakra into yours. X

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