Eka Pada Sirshasana

Eka Pada Sirshasana
Eka Pada Sirshasana

Sit on the floor with legs stretched out.
Bend the right leg and bring the right foot closer to the body by holding the right ankle.
Exhale and place the right foot behind the head gently without any jerk.
The right calf muscle should rest on the right shoulder and both the arms are brought in the front and joint together in a namaste position.
Straighten the back and look in the front with chin parallel to the floor.
The left leg is held straight with toes pointed up towards the sky.

Breath deeply for 10 breaths.

Hold the right foot again with both hands and take the foot off from behind your head and straighten the right leg.
Repeat on the left side.

Helps stretch the outer thigh to a very high degree.
Helps build strength in the back and spine area.

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