Upcoming Workshops in 2012

Here is an overview of Prasad’s workshop & retreat schedule for the year 2012 between May and July. More workshops and retreats are being planned and scheduled for the following months. The details will be made available on the website as and when they are confirmed. To register for any of these workshops, you may write to yoga@yogaprasad.in


19th MayIngolstadt, GermanyInner Transformation WorkshopWrite to yoga@yogaprasad.in
20th MayMunich, GermanyDealing with change through YogaWrite to yoga@yogaprasad.in
30th MayJodoigne Souveraine, BelgiumYoga WorkshopWrite to yoga@yogaprasad.in
1st & 4th JuneEuropean Commission, BelgiumYoga ClassesWrite to yoga@yogaprasad.in
2nd & 3rd JuneBrussels, BelgiumThe Spirit of Yoga WorkshopWrite to yoga@yogaprasad.in
9th & 10th JuneRome, ItalyYoga Festival WorkshopsWrite to yoga@yogaprasad.in
15th – 17th JuneAyurveda Verein, Vienna (Austria)Yoga Nidra SeminarWrite to yoga@yogaprasad.in
21st – 24th JuneAyurveda Verein, Nexenhof (Austria)Yoga Nidra RetreatWrite to yoga@yogaprasad.in
27th JunePlana, Czech RepublicYoga SeminarWrite to yoga@yogaprasad.in
29th, 30th June & 1st JulyLiberec, Czech RepublicMeet your Precious Self RetreatWrite to yoga@yogaprasad.in
4th JulyKleipeda, LithuaniaWomen’s Empowerment through YogaWrite to yoga@yogaprasad.in
6th JulyVilnius, LithuaniaChanting evening and KirtanWrite to yoga@yogaprasad.in
7th & 8th JulyVilnius, LithuaniaReady for Transformation with YogaWrite to yoga@yogaprasad.in
18th to 30th JulyIsraelYoga Workshops and retreat with Israeli Yoga Teachers AssociationWrite to yoga@yogaprasad.in

Thailand Yoga Festival, Bangkok

Prasad will be speaking at the Thailand Yoga Festival in Bangkok on Oct. 30th and 31st, 2010 on the topic: Asana – The Blue Print

The workshop essentially looks into the “why” and “how” of asana practice as is practiced in classical Hatha yoga schools of ancient India. We venture into getting a step closer to “becoming” the asana rather than just doing the asana. A deeply mindful practice that leads to expansion of consciousness, increases sensitivity to love and compassion and generates a deep sense of gratitude for everything in and around.

Date: 30th October,  2010
Time: 10.30 am to 12.30 pm

For more information, please visit – http://www.yogajournalthailand.com

Thailand Yoga Festival
Thailand Yoga Festival

Upcoming Workshops

A brief overview of Prasad’s schedule for the year 2010. Various workshops and retreats have been scheduled in Belgium, Austria, Hong Kong and India and still more are being planned. Further information and details will be made available on the website as and when more workshops and retreats are confirmed.

6 to 12 FebruaryCherai Beach Resort, Kochi, Kerala (India)Yoga & Stress ManagementStatus: Fully booked
25, 26 FebruarySingaporeYoga – Detox and PurifyWrite to yoga@yogaprasad.in
20, 21 MarchHongKongDeeper into YogaWrite to yoga@yogaprasad.in
15, 16 MayMunich (Germany)Self-Transformation Through YogaWrite to yoga@yogaprasad.in
18 to 20 MayBergen (Norway)Yoga workshop in Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center, www.nerse.noStatus: Fully Booked
29, 30 MayMediterana Luxury Health Spa, Cologne (Germany)Yoga – Detox and PurifyWrite to yoga@yogaprasad.in
4 to 6 JuneAyurveda Verein – Nexenhof (Austria)Yoga Nidra SeminarsWrite to yoga@yogaprasad.in
10 to 13 JuneAyurveda Verein – Vienna (Austria)Yoga Tantra RetreatWrite to yoga@yogaprasad.in
19, 20 JuneYogakula – Vienna (Austria)Yoga WorkshopWrite to yoga@yogaprasad.in
22, 25 Junewww.santosha.beHip Opener WorkshopWrite to yoga@yogaprasad.in
26, 27 JuneEuropean Commission – BelgiumTransformation Yoga WorkshopWrite to yoga@yogaprasad.in
2 to 4 JulyPrague (Czech Republic)Yoga RetreatWrite to yoga@yogaprasad.in
10, 11 JulyAthens, GreeceThe Art of Self-healing through Yoga and massageWrite to yoga@yogaprasad.in
15 to 27 JulyIsraelYoga Workshops and retreat with Israeli Yoga Teachers AssociationWrite to yoga@yogaprasad.in
30 July to 8 AugKoh Samui – ThailandYoga Vacation – Retreat, Relax, RechargeWrite to yoga@yogaprasad.in
30, 31 OctBangkok – ThailandSpeaking engagement at the Yoga Journal – Yoga ConferenceWrite to yoga@yogaprasad.in