YTT India 2014 – December

Yoga Teachers Training India December 2014

Yoga Teacher’s Training & Self Development Immersion in India, in December 2014 – Testimonial

“The YTT course meant the world to me. I am blessed to have had the honor to be a part of the Hatha Yoga Tradition taught by Prasad. I know now the importance and broad dimension of yoga, a medicine for the soul, a life journey of knowledge, wisdom and experience. I have learned and experienced the real importance of breathing, I have acquired awareness of my self- limiting believes, self-sabotage, fears and restless mind, but most importantly I have learned how to overcome my self- imposed limitations with patience, love and compassion. Life has definitely gained a new meaning for me and I was born again by receiving the blessings of the Hatha Yoga tradition along with my Sanskrit name, Sanjeevani – The giver of life. I am living now with purpose as a yoga teacher. With trust, resilience and devotion to stay in the path, transform myself and inspire others.”

– Natalia Blanchet (Sanjeevani), Brazil