Interview with Yoga Journal Thailand (2011)


YJT – When did you find yoga?
Prasad – Growing up in a traditional Indian Family, Yoga was always part of my life. My Yoga Journey started when I was 9 years old in Mumbai, India. I was a very hyper active young boy and thats why my parents registered me in a Yoga course during my school vacations for 2 months. I loved what I experienced in the Yoga School, and it was a beautiful journey of knowing myself through the body and the asanas. As a young boy of 9 years I started discovering the process and movements of my body and learnt to love and respect my body. So, starting at such a young age helped me understand my body and respect it.


YJT- How has yoga changed your life or attitude?
Prasad – Yoga has been a part of my life since the last 25 years of my life. All through my life Yoga has grown on me and I have grown with yoga. As a child when I was introduced to Yoga it developed in me a deep respect towards the human body, this helped me develop my self-­‐esteem. Later as I became more aware of subtler aspects of yoga through my teachers and through learning of the yoga philosophy, I realised how the methods of Yoga were helping me in handling my life in a better way. Yoga techniques helped me in developing a balanced attitude towards life, find strength within myself and realise that Love can create such beautiful energy of togetherness within us and around us. The completeness of Yoga and its methods helped me in getting over many of my deeper insecurities. I used yoga to gradually work on my fears and realise an inner self confidence which was not dependent on external variables. In this sense Yoga has helped in developing Self-­‐acceptance and becoming Self-­‐empowered to face surprises Life brings. My Life has really changed with Yoga and I feel it is a big gift for me. I, as a teacher pass on this gift on to my students through seminars, workshops and retreats allowing them to feel and experience the liberating power of Yoga too.


YJT – Could you please give us your own meaning of yoga?
Prasad – For me, Yoga is a science of conscious living and realising our true nature, which is freedom. Yoga is not only a physical practice but also a way to live a more conscious life -­‐ being more aware of our body, of our breath, our mind, our thoughts, being conscious of our environment and people around us. Its methods are time tested and are perfected to make us realise the potential within us. Because of many reasons we think of ourselves as limted and restricted, but Yoga shows us that we are not limited and allows us to experience the Freedom that we possess. A conscious decision to work with Yoga makes us accept our body, once this acceptance of body comes in we feel more comfortable in our body. A comfortable body is a best carrier of a relaxed mind, when the body is accepted the mind starts becoming relaxed. Once mind is relaxed we feel the confidence and freedom to achieve our goals peacefully and in an effficient way. Thus for me Yoga is a science that we all can use in modern times to live a balanced and peaceful life.


YJT – How did you feel about D&P Yoga Festival Thailand 2010?
Prasad – D&P Yoga Festival Thailand 2010, was an amazing platform for all Yogis to share their passion of Yoga. It was a very professionally organised event and the people behind it have real passion for Yoga. There is a deeper intent of changing lives with Yoga among the Team at D&P and this helps create a great opportunity for people of Thailand to meet and exchange ideas about yoga and learn from inspirational teachers from across the world that the Festival invites. I personally Loved the way the event was organised and interactions with the team.


YJT – How has your yoga style changed students (especially the workshop with Yoga Journal in February 2011)?
Prasad – I look at Yoga as a complete science of Self-­‐ development. Yoga techniques help a person to work through the body, with the mind and reach clarity, confidence and balance. The retreat in February will be a beautiful journey of this total yoga exploration. We will learn to become more aware of our body and breath through physical practice. Learn about our mind, stress and some simple methods of calming down. Finally looking at how to balance work and personal life and tap the potential power that we all are. The ultimate objective is to share the positive life accepting message of the ancient science of yoga and to learn to make Yoga a way of life and stay healthy, happy and balanced.


Seven Days to Self Love

Seven Days to Self LoveDay 1

Have you ever spent time and energy finding that perfect apartment or house for you to stay? Some place which you can call “home” and not just a house. Let us not forget that our real “Home” is our body, this is where “we” reside as a Being. In today’s hectic world we get so busy with life that we tend to take our body for granted, abuse it and then expect it to perform optimally to satisfy our never ending desires. The real journey of Self Love starts when we start at least appreciating if not loving our body. If you don’t like your home, your life becomes uncomfortable, right? Loving your body and feeling comfortable in it is like coming back to a safe, secure, cozy home. Continue reading “Seven Days to Self Love”

Touching Innocent Hearts

There is an inexplicable joy in watching a child play. A mother experiences a surge of love when she sees her child play happily. Love and compassion are two sides of the same coin and the yogis know this very well, because somewhere the yogis are nurturing their own inner Self very lovingly. Yoga being an art of loving – loving without conditions – it is best experienced in a non-judgmental, pristine attitude of the heart. Continue reading “Touching Innocent Hearts”

Sadhana – The practice and the process

A few months back I faced a very peculiar and common question from a student. She mentioned that her “practice” was not improving. She has been a yoga enthusiast and a teacher for more than 10 years and when I asked her what was it that she meant by practice, she said “her head stand was not stable enough”.

The famous yoga guru, Shri. Pattabhi Jois, once said “practice, practice and everything is coming”. This one small sentence has probably launched a thousand yoga studios across the world. But, my thought is, are we reading the word “practice” in the right spirit? Do we all need to widen our definition of “practice” in the context of Yoga.

Probably the word “practice” has been literally translated from the Sanskrit word “Sadhana”. Continue reading “Sadhana – The practice and the process”

The Tempest of Transformation

Dear friends,

It feels nice to be back with you on the site. It has been a whirlwind tour of 12 weeks across 11 countries, and what a tour it was! If I can sum up my experience in one word I would say “awakening”. Yes, the world is waking up. There is a wave of personal uprising, which is spinning off into people’s movement. Continue reading “The Tempest of Transformation”

The Imminent and Transient

The topic of ‘Injury‘ in asana practice has always fascinated me. Over years of traveling I have met Yogis who have had asana injuries which have made them feel ‘lesser than normal Yogis’. I wonder what makes them push themselves over the edge, what makes them greedy enough to take their body for granted and suffer.

This question brings us to a very important point mentioned in the books of yoga (Katha-Upanishad), the concept of Shreyas and Preyas. Shreyas and Preyas are two paths mentioned in the Upanishad. The simplest meaning of the paths is basically the ‘perspective’ with which you look at things. ‘Shreyas’ is the path of lasting good and ‘Preyas’ is the path of immediate satisfaction. Continue reading “The Imminent and Transient”

Opening the Deeper States of the Mind

[Guest post by Veena from Bangkok]

“After attending “Finding YourSelf “, workshop with Prasad in Oct 2006 in Bangkok, I was introduced to Yoga Nidra. For 3 weeks after the workshop, I was still pondering over this question, “What is Yoga Nidra? Why do I have to do it when I am already meditating? Do I really need to incorporate another technique to my bag of destressing tools?”

Quite confused, I finally emailed Prasad asking, “How do I include the yoga nidra in my daily routine? I tried your Yoga Nidra CD for the first time. The result was phenomenal and definitely the benefits are different from meditation. Do you suggest I do it once a week, more than once or ……? can’t decide.”

His reply on 21st Nov, 2006 was as follows: “I am glad that you are looking at yoga not as something to do, but something to explore. Yoga is a very powerful tool, it is like a torch which helps us remove the darkness of ignorance and relieve tensions. In turn we discover the True Reality which lies within. Continue reading “Opening the Deeper States of the Mind”

Choosing a Perspective

Many times during my travels I meet a lot of Yogis who have injured themselves in some form or other whilst doing their physical practice, most of the times I have even met teachers who take some kind of “pride” in exhibiting the injuries they had while “trying” to get into a posture. In fact I know of a few teachers who have to take complete bed-rests once in a while to recover from their injuries, to start “jumping” into postures again. I wonder what makes them push themselves over the edge, what makes them greedy enough to take their body for granted and suffer. Continue reading “Choosing a Perspective”

Yoga for Teenagers

Between their tantrums and mood swings, their sense of wonder and sense of adventure, desire for knowledge and great physical energy levels, Teenage is really a beautiful, experimental time of our lives. It’s a time when an unknown force seems to propel us towards what we imagine and desire, the drive is strong, the heart is vulnerable and emotions galore. In such times Yoga, the ancient science of self-empowerment can really help the teenagers to become more aware and confident about their body, to realize a deeper sense of self-value, garner clarity, confidence and calmness allowing them to ease the everyday stresses and pressures of their lives.

Continue reading “Yoga for Teenagers”

Wandering in the Himalayas – Part 3

(Continued from Wandering in the Himalayas – Part 2)

I came back to Rishikesh in the lap of my father Himalaya, just like a little boy who goes in his father’s lap from time to time for some re-assurance. I was going through a lot of spiritual energy movements at that time, all possible emotions hitting my mind wave after wave. The body felt like a blast furnace, but a faint understanding that my body was being baked , my mind was being processed so that my soul could shine, prevailed. My system was boiling and the waters of Ganga doused the fire with Love, like only a mother could.
Continue reading “Wandering in the Himalayas – Part 3”