Baddha means “bound” and kona means “angle”. In this way, the posture means a bound angle. It is also known as a “butterfly” posture. This is how the cobblers in India sit and work.

Sit on the floor on your hips with your legs stretched in the front.
Bend the knees and bring the feet closer to the perimium area.
Bring the soles of the feet together, and open the knees till they are close to the floor.
Hold the feet firmly and gently press the knees down towards the floor.
Keep your back straight and breath deeply.

This is a good posture to work on the stiff inner thigh and lower back area.
Helps posture correction.
Allows for smooth labour during pregnancy
Helps in reduction of pre-menstrual cramps in women.
Helps in digestive disorders and concentration.

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