Parighasana, also called the ‘gate posture’, is an excellent posture for grounding the body and mind.


Kneel on the floor with your spine perpendicular to the floor. Extend your right leg away from your body to the right side (not in the front), with knee pointed towards the ceiling.
The left knee should be directly below your left hip joint.
Now, gently place your right hand on your right thigh, take a deep inhalation and simultaneously slide the hand lower towards the right foot.
As you slide it down, raise the left arm upwards. Feel the extension in the torso as you bend towards your right.
Stay stable and sturdy on your knee. Gaze at the ceiling and hold the posture for 30 seconds.
Come up slowly and with awareness on the breath. Keep both hands along side the body and bend the right knee back next to the left.
Repeat on the left side the same way as above.

This posture helps in stabilizing the mind.
It strengthens the legs and improves balancing ability by building the core muscles around the abdomen and waist area.

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