Who is Prasad?


Back Ground:

Prasad Rangnekar’s Yoga journey started at the age of 9 through asana and pranayama in a traditional Hatha Yoga school in India. It was during this young age that his observation of mind-body-breath started. Born in a devout spiritual household, Prasad was exposed to Yoga, Bhakti and practices like mantra chanting since early childhood. The seed of spiritual exploration was nurtured carefully through a regular practice of asana, pranayama, mantra chanting and wisdom teachings of traditional Hatha Yoga and Bhagavad Gita under the watchful eye of his mother. Somewhere deep within there was a knowing that he was more than the body and mind.

Growing up in the dichotomy of Indian society always made Prasad question and contemplate on the nature of life, duality and existence. He realized that religious and cultural explanations were not answering his deeper questions. This dissatisfaction made Prasad go through a rebellious phase of exploring himself and what he was taught to follow as tradition. It was when he was 16 that he suffered from a near fatal illness and was bed ridden for 4 months. Those challenging years of his life pushed him towards deeper Yogic exploration and contemplative studies of Yoga philosophy to find answers and turn his life around.

Over a period of next twenty years, Prasad undertook many wandering pilgrimages across India and Nepal retreating to the ashram monasteries in solitude for weeks, learning various aspects of Yoga under masters from various Yogic traditions. During this period he also studied teaching styles of Sivananda Ashram and Kaivalyadham Institute. Over a period of time, with the blessings and guidance of his Guru, the direction and purpose of life was revealed to him.

Over last 22 years, Prasad has been teaching the mind-body-energy practices inspired by traditional Hatha Yoga in India and in over 15 countries around the globe.

Prasad’s teaching is a distillate of his practice and realization over last 30 years. He teaches the wisdom of traditional Hatha Yoga inspired by the Nath Siddha-Dattatreya tradition, the founding lineage of Hatha Yoga. His teachings are rooted in the mind-body accepting, self-transformative aspect of Yoga and is aimed at realization of Love, Freedom and Bliss deep within oneself.

Prasad is recognized at E-RYT 500 level by Yoga Alliance. He is based out of India and is the founder director of Yogaprasad Institute. Yogaprasad Institute conducts 200 and 300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training and Self Development Immersions across the globe and has over 100 graduates to its credit. Self-acceptance, Self-empowerment, Self-trust, devotion and life acceptance is the main focus of the courses conducted through Yogaprasad Institute. Through Yoga festivals, conferences, documentaries, blogs, articles, YouTube videos Prasad has inspired many in their pursuit of Self-transformation.

For his own practice, Prasad takes refuge in meditation, silence and solitude. He is known to go into silence and isolation retreats lasting multiple months at a stretch. Prasad believes that if modern human realizes the true meaning of love and the value of Self, many issues faced by humanity can be solved. With blessing of his Guru and the attitude of a learner he keeps learning from Life – The greatest Guru.


Prasad started sharing the wisdom of Yoga in India in the late 90s. Since 2004 Prasad has been sharing the message of Yoga internationally across Asia, North America, South America, Middle-east and Europe in over fifteen countries. Thousands have benefited from his courses and retreats. The self-empowering message of Yoga has been delivered across the board, from corporate organisations to non-profit charities, from schools to recovering drug addicts, from athletes to executives and from children to seniors. Yoga is for all and through Prasad’s dynamic, clear and humorous teaching style, the nuances of Yoga become easily accessible.

Over the years Prasad has been invited to conduct workshops, retreats, employee development programs and deliver key-note addresses at various Yoga schools and prestigious organisations like the European Commission, Indian Cultural Center – Thailand, Google, Procter & Gamble, Steiner School, Israeli Yoga Teacher’s Association and various Indian High Commission around the world.

If you would like Prasad to deliver a workshop or speak at a venue in your town, please get in touch over email.