Our life as an ‘individual personality’ is series of ‘interactions’ every moment with the other ‘individual personality’ (another thing, situation, emotion, plant, animal, God could be anything), thus we are in continues flux of ‘action and reaction’. This interaction between two ‘personalities’ is the flow of Life.

Today’s fast-paced goal-oriented life is full of paradoxes. We breath opposites everyday, we get stressed about the irony of life’s situations and we battle contradictions. Our social life involves a variety of people, this involvement is invariably a bitter-sweet experience. The outcomes and decisions relating to these situations are challenging. Our situation is similar to that of the mighty King Arjuna from the ancient Indian Yoga scripture, the ‘Bhagavad-Gita’, who is rendered weak due to his unclear state of mind. This ‘Arjuna’ lives in all of us even today. Sounds familiar?

The science of Yoga is the deeper understanding of this very ‘personality’ made up of mind, body and other variables. Broadly, the Yogas pertaining to these variables are called Hatha/Raja Yoga (physical and mental Yoga), Jnana Yoga (yoga of wisdom), Bhakti Yoga (yoga of devotion), Karma Yoga (Yoga of detached action).

A dedicated and wholesome practice of this science empowers the individual with ‘Self’-confidence and increases the ability to handle life situation fearlessly and in a calm and balanced way. Thus Yoga is the science of Self-knowing, Self-acceptance, Self-empowerment and Self-transcendence.

In Sanskrit, Yoga means Union and Prasad means Divine gift. The state of inner confidence, balance, love and happiness which shines upon the Yoga practitioners as they practice this age old science with dedication and faith is the true ‘Divine gift of Yoga’ – The Yoga Prasad.

Consciously or not, all creatures without exception seek this ‘state of balance and inner peace’. As Dante puts it:
All indistinctly apprehend Bliss
On which the soul may rest;
The heart of all yearn after it.

Let us resolve to be sincere and dedicated to our path and keep exploring Yoga and its methods in its complete sense and apply them to our life in order to empower and evolve. Let the ‘Yoga Prasad’ – Grace of Yoga shine on us forever.

The 3 stages of Yoga Prasad

Yoga Prasad

Stage 1 – Self-Acceptance: Through Practice of Hatha Yoga, becoming aware of the body-mind-breath, generating acceptance and self-love through awareness exercises, contemplations and meditations , opening the energy blocks through physical and psychical purification techniques, steadying the mind through concentration exercises.

Stage 2 – Self-empowerment: Gradually as the process of self-acceptance grows, the individual feels mentally and physically empowered to deal with life experiences, Hatha Yoga practice becomes deeper and reaches a subtle level, self-principles (Ishta) are identified and connected with, breath becomes steady, awareness is more easily concentrated and thus meditation practices become enjoyable. Self-love and compassion take a steady seat in the Heart.

Stage 3 – Self-evolution: A progressive practice wherein the individual develops a steady state of balance and acceptance devoid of any external influences. The confidence flows from within with conviction in actions and clarity of thought. Happiness doesn’t depend on external variables and thus the individual is at peace and able to deal with Life situations in the best possible way.


In today’s time when every other Yoga teacher wants to brand his or her Style and claim an authentic lineage, Prasad claims no new ‘Style of Yoga’ or lineage. The Yoga he teaches is ‘Yoga’ in its entirety and the lineage that he belongs to is the one and only lineage of Lord Shiva.

He believes that Yoga, if followed in its entirety, is an excellent tool of Self-knowing. The Yoga Science gives us techniques to work on refining and empowering ourselves. A correct mix of Hatha yoga, meditations, contemplations, unconditional love and surrender can lead us towards a happy and content life.

His teaching is an adaptation and reflection of all that he has learned and experienced personally over a period of many years through the guidance of his Gurus. Solitude and silence has been one of his greatest teachers so also have been the various teachings personally passed down by the Masters in Himalayas and other holy places during his wandering days. All these experiences have come together in developing a method of making people love and accept life and face challenges with courage.

Due to his diverse background in Yoga and physical education, his workshops, retreats and classes are personal and customized as per the rhythm of the participants. All levels of students are welcome and because the objective is to work at individual levels, the atmosphere is non-competitive and relaxed, with an emphasis on enjoyment rather than effort. The idea is to seek joy in whatever one does and to establish a strong conviction in the divinity dwelling within.

The ultimate objective is to share that Yoga is much more than ‘physical postures’ and to teach Yoga as a way of life and help people evolve.