7 Days to Self-Love

Dear Lovely People,

Self-Love is a very important aspect of our personality. Accepting ourselves for what we are and loving ourselves the way we are, working and dedicating our energies to growth and evolution is such a beautiful journey.

This journey starts with loving ourselves first, as Oscar Wilde once said “To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance”

Dear ones, please don’t forget to Love yourselves.

Many times, a lot of energy is spent looking for love “out there”. This outward search often fails to deliver what we “expect” from the other, making us go from one relationship to another and to another leading to dejection, resulting in loss of faith in relationships, togetherness, romance and Love. You can explore the universe looking for somebody who is more deserving of your love and affection than you are yourself, and you will not find that person anywhere.

For any spiritual minded person the first step towards the search of love begins by going “within” for when we look deep within and find Love inside us, the external search ends. Love comes to us automatically from all directions. The journey of Love becomes a glide on the clouds of happiness.

The only way to see Love out there is through eyes of Love, often called in Yoga as “divyachakshu” means the Divine Vision.

The “7 Days to Self-love” Programme

Each day, try one technique to generate Self-Love. I suggest you practice one technique for an entire day and then the next day try the next one. By the end of the week, I am confident that there will be Love blossoming in your heart for yourself.


Look in the Mirror (preferably a full length mirror) and look into your own eyes, and talk to yourself. Talk as if you are talking to some one very close to you. Share your deepest secrets and express your love to who you see in the mirror.


Go for a short walk (or long depending on the time at hand), just with yourself, in your solitude, you, you and just you. And have a nice time. Don’t think of anyone in this time except yourself and try to feel a sense of love towards yourself.


Treat yourself to a dinner, or a movie or a gift, not for any reason but just because you Love yourself.


Allow yourself to see how many of your actions in your life are driven by your need to please others. Are you trying to please others to hide looking at yourself? Allow yourself to see what would be available to you if your first commitment was to please yourself. How would that affect your sense of worthiness, joy, and self-love?


Use your first name, and with every letter of your name write down words that make you feel good… Example – Paul, P = peaceful, A= Amicable


Pen a song about yourself, set it to a nice tune and sing it to yourself or to others.


Close your eyes and picture in your mind someone or something you love unconditionally. Choose a specific situation, recall specific details (e.g. time of day, person’s clothing, etc), then “gaze” at the image of the loved one for a few moments in your mind’s eye. Make your mental image as vivid and detailed as you can.

5 thoughts on “7 Days to Self-Love”

  1. absolutely agree with the fact that self love is important but would have thght it takes much more than above to achieve it. regards g.

  2. hey prasad just saying hi. congratulations on the new site, i really enjoyed my visit. Lots of interesting information and insights. Easy to navigate too so very friendly for the user.

    Looking at yor schedule, it looks as though you have a busy year ahead with courses being held all over the globe. Good for you dear, living life fully with love and laughter in your heart.

    Have a wonderful 2009


  3. Hi!!
    Firstly, i just read ur 7 day self love programme, and have promised myself to try it..Sounds really helpful
    Also, I wish to know if there is certain posture that would help me feel more in love with ‘who i am’.. and dive within.. i am ‘dying’ to feel love for who i am..

  4. Thats great that you are trying the program, it is very important that we all start to accept and love ourselves as this is the basis of self transformation.

    all asanas can bring your awareness within but specially the asanas that open the heart area ( shoulders and upper back ) can help send new prana ( life force ) to this part inturn making it more alive and throbbing with Love

    Hope this helps

  5. Hello! You popped into my thoughts yesterday so I brought up your website and much to my surprize and delight, there was a picture of myself with a group I did a retreat with on Galiano Island, BC with you and Carla Reiger! It was a great reminder of what I had learned and that I need to get back on track. I love your 7 days to self love – here’s to day 1!! Take care & love the website! Sandra

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