Workshops in 2004


  • Meditation Weekend – Canary Island
  • Surya Prakasha Yoga Week – Spain
  • Stress Management – Spain
  • Yoga Nidra Workshop – Austria


  • Personal Change – Spain
  • Meditation Workshop – Spain
  • Kids Yoga – Spain
  • Meditation Workshops – Germany


Surya Prakasha Yoga Week – Spain, Summer 2004
“Surya Prakasha” Yoga week at Casa Major was a dynamic outdoor experience in which the participants learned a powerful collection of holistic yoga techniques to help increase their strength, optimism, energy, and personal power.?It opened the door to emotional, physical, and spiritual truth and the participants walked away with a desire to get closer to their inner selves and with immense sense of positivism and motivation.?The workshop included lectures and demonstrations in the theory and practice of a broad range of teachings and techniques of classical yoga. Special emphasis was given to deepening the practice of meditation and contemplation.

Stress Management – Spain, Summer 2004
The Medico Resort is a part of Kempinski Resort Hotel on the Costa del Sol, the “sunny coast” of Andalusia on some 45,000 square meters of gardens with a panoramic sea view.The participants went through a specially designed yoga series with emphasis on opening up, increasing lung capacity and rebalancing the energy. Afternoons were reserved for an hour of Yoga Nidra practice and lecture followed by an hour of meditation, chanting and question answer sessions in the evening.

Yoganidra, Summer 2004
This mystical 200 year old Barn House in Nexenhoff was the place for the “yoga Nidra” workshop.?Yoga Nidra is wonderful technique, not only for physical or mental relaxation but also for preparing the mind for spiritual discipline. It is a ‘semi sleep state’ where all the burdens are thrown off to attain more blissful state of awareness. It is a state of relaxation much more intense than ordinary sleep.
The participants got an insight into their subconscious and used this technique as a method of improving themselves by commanding the subconscious. Introductory Yoga class, silent walks in the lush green fields, lectures, meditation techniques, debates and question answer sessions were a part of the workshop.

Personal Change – Spain, Winter 2004
“It was during the last week of summer sunshine when Prasad blessed us and my house with his weekend workshop. Beginners to yoga, long term students, and intermediates alike .We were all glued to his every word! We all got exactly what we needed and the whole weekend flowed delightfully. All our personalities seemed to blend with the influence of the yogic principles.
Prasad expounded to us, we walked, in the mountains and by the sea in peaceful meditation guided always by Prasad’s creative and heart warming way. Thank you Prasad.”

– Ruth Fellner – Yoga Teacher and Participant

Meditation Workshop Germany, Winter 2004
“Prasad kindly came here all the way from Mumbai, India in November 2004 to give us workshops on Asanas (yogic postures) Pranayama (Breathing Techniques) and Meditation. He brought us a bit of the spirit of India and each two-hour workshop was a great success! The participants learned a lot and were really impressed by Prasad’s tranquil demeanor and positive energy.
Prasad also gave some of the Dayananda Yoga Studio students Ayurvedic massages. We were very happy to have hosted him and can hardly wait for him to come back here to The Dayananda Yoga Studio!??”

– Dale “Dayananda” Doering – Director The Dayananda Yoga Studio!

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